Love Notes: Weekend Jul 16-18, 2021

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: This week you’ll take a closer look at the past, a history, legacy, or the impact of social and financial standing on your relationships. The focus could be on spending habits or how power and wealth are used to influence intimate connections. This assessment may also scrutinize the intention of alliances–social climbing, unions of convenience, arranged marriages–to determine the payoff for the parties involved. This comes as the result of reviewing investments, money, property, or assets and an accompanying belief system rooted in traditional, outdated, or conservative views concerning what it takes to obtain prosperity, keep it, or compromise it. But love has nothing to do with ledgers. The real windfall comes from investing emotionally in partnership. Perhaps it’s time to make a date to rediscover why you fell in love.


  • Transformation related to or in response to a secret admirer
  • Ending cause by a secret admirer; end of admiration (you/other)
  • Waiting in vain–secret admirer may be reluctant to come forward; special someone may be unaware that they hold key to your heart
  • Facing the truth about a secret crush
  • Someone is interested that you hadn’t considered
  • Someone is watching you (may be waiting for you to do something)


  • Illumination regarding a new love (positive/negative)
  • Masked feelings about meeting a new potential partner
  • Solving a problem in relationship
  • Giving advice about new love or courtship
  • Initiating the start or beginning stages of relationship; need to take a leadership role concerning love
  • Awareness of new relationship on the immediate horizon; new love in the works or on its way


  • Possibilities–an opportunity that arrives through a message; message about an opportunity
  • Opportunities connected to writing or paperwork
  • Luck in hearing from someone or making contact
  • Wedding announcement (conscious of cost)
  • Taking a risk–you’ll soon receive or send a love message
  • Careful choice of words–may be related to love letter, card, sentiment
  • Written invitation, text, email, phone call


  • Too oblivious or self-absorbed to recognize luck
  • Lucky aura; in the spotlight; letting yourself shine
  • Fortunate choice of words, self-expression, or creativity
  • Confident in your luck; fortunate circumstances boost confidence
  • Fortuitous stroke of luck; pleasant unexpected encounter or surprise
  • Lucky opportunity brings meeting with person of interest
  • Wish fulfilled


  • Resentment, negative comparisons, criticism has an effect on confidence–need for self appreciation, love; fear of change, rigid thinking
  • Trading favors (i.e. sex for money, power)
  • Recognition of tit-for-tat behavior, power plays, red flags
  • Keeping score through mentally recorded wrongs; having to pay high price for relationship
  • Comparison shopping–bargain, best price; purchase of tickets (airline, events)
  • Confident in paperwork, documentation, records, receipts, ledger
  • Confident in beliefs–self-righteousness, refusal to compromise (positive/negative)
  • Success–winning score; extreme competition; winning bid


  • Not committed to getting formally married or wedding
  • Healing issues related to commitment
  • Being left at the altar; wedding canceled; canceled union
  • New beginning after marital difficulties
  • Revitalization of relationship without commitment–need to encourage positive mindset


  • Birth, conception, fertility
  • In agreement regarding having a child; trying to conceive, adoption
  • Baby announcement; baby shower; play dates; festivities involving children
  • Having a child with a friend; friend present at birth; friend having a baby
  • Collaborative efforts/partnership to give birth to something new–child, project, endeavor; fertile period; birth of a friendship
  • The start of playful period–need for socializing
  • Celebration regarding initial stages of something


  • Need to open up to love and romance
  • New relationship or moving current partnership to the next level; dating
  • Courtship–romantic dinners, romancing love partner, romantic gestures; giddiness, exhilaration about romance
  • In love with love–honeymoon phase of relationship
  • Romantic invitation


  • Thwarted desires concerning reconciliation
  • Fantasies involving a reconciliation
  • Desire for a reconciliation; temptation towards someone/something
  • Making peace with a partner to reconcile past hurts (may involve seduction, money); working out issues or terms
  • Seduction plays role in connection
  • Reconnecting with someone you previously separated from; reunion
  • Surprise meeting, unexpected encounter
  • Make up after break up; falling in love again


  • Grief over trust issues; sadness due to betrayal, separation, death
  • Unhappiness because of loss, disappointment, or rejection
  • Recognizing vulnerability; emotional wounding
  • Feeling protected during grieving; support from others
  • Belief in self to overcome grief


  • In the shadow of death; ending or transformation that results in completely different circumstances
  • Fears or illusions concerning death/surgery/crisis–need to acknowledge fears
  • Grappling with shadow behavior (you/other); dancing with the devil
  • Manipulation–sexual, financial, emotional; control issues
  • Profound and unsettling changes; dealing with high stress, intense, or crisis situations
  • Release or surrender to an inevitability
  • Taking a risk (sexual, financial, living on the edge)
  • Hidden aspects of self or a situation; psychological issues, mental health challenges
  • Concerns related to debt, taxes, insurance, inheritance, funerals, or wills
  • Discussions surrounding sexuality, large sums of money
  • Dealings with Scorpio persons (sun, moon, rising)


  • Paying for freedom–need to let go and move on
  • Free money; spending money freely
  • Getting out of a rut–breaking out of the routine
  • Finances are affecting the relationship (more or less freedom); shared financial goals
  • Career/work take priority over relationship; workaholic; family business
  • You/partner may be wealthy or involved in financial industry
  • Relationship connected to work setting; work affair with superior, colleague, coworker, or client
  • Financial freedom–can do anything; breaking financial barriers; finances on the upswing

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Image: Benjamin and Eleanor Ridgely Laming, Charles Willson Peale

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