Vive la France! A Lenormand Deck


Perhaps it’s time for a revolution. Here’s a deck inspired by the little man with big ideas. While the Vive la France! A Lenormand Deck is steeped in historical references from the Napoleonic era, it delivers an accurate reading with images that still feel contemporary and fresh through bold use of color. With 35 little cards–what’s your strategy?


The Vive la France! Lenormand Deck is based on the card reading style of Marie Lenormand who is revered as the greatest cartomancer of all time. Although the historical references are inspired by the powerful empire of Napoleon Bonaparte, this deck manages to feel modern with its bold graphic design. Surprisingly accurate in forecasting, this is a deck you’ll want in your collection for a very long time to come.

Material:  Shrink-wrapped|Tuck Box. Printed on 330 mg, extra-smooth German card stock creating visual contrast and vivid colors. Cards contain an inner black core that prevents see-through, while flexibility ensures easy shuffling and robust durability over time. (57mm x 89mm, 2.25″ x 3.5″)

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