1st Quarter Moon in Libra

July 17, 2021 | 3:10 am (PST) | Keyword: Diplomacy

What is the price for peace? As the moon enters the sign of Libra, your emotional security depends on the ability to avoid conflict or make decisions that create the most successful outcome. The caveat in situations is a tendency to caving in to unreasonable demands in order to appease others or retain your likeability quotient. A Libra person (sun, moon, or rising) might have a strong influence over circumstances.

This cycle arouses your protective and nurturing instincts. While the inclination is to take care of someone, dependency issues can develop if this desire is overly expressed. It may be that you’re involved with children to a greater degree if there’s a concern for their well-being. They may require extra love and attention from you, especially if they’re emotional because of a changing relationship or home environment. Circumstances can also create worry about child-related expenses or financial concerns. In the extreme, situations can manifest as a result of living on the edge of crisis.

During this period, you’ll project yourself more emotionally and there’s the strong possibility that you’ll begin a new romantic relationship. There’s a magnetic draw toward attractive people. This relationship will tend to be a marker as it marks the “first” in some way for you. This could manifest as your first significant relationship, sexual experience, moving in together, or the start of dating the person you’ll marry. Alternatively, this could be the first time in a long while that you’ve been emotionally involved with a new person. New romantic relationships will tend to hold greater emotional depth and the intensity of your feelings will be difficult to hide. Perhaps you find it easier to express your needs and desires openly at this time. However, if coupled, there could be value conflicts that arise as a result of extra-marital affairs. Whether married or not, you’ll feel the irresistible pull toward a new person although your association may not necessarily include sexual involvement. However, because of the desire for emotional fulfillment and intimacy, this relationship can easily develop into a sexual connection. Your emotions may vacillate according to how well the relationship is going and whether or not you can see each other. For whatever reason, it will be challenging to keep a relationship a secret.

Nevertheless, there are some warning signs that don’t favor love due to fluctuations in harmony. The current influence is geared more toward building wealth and prosperity. In support of that objective, positive answers should be forthcoming regarding business and trade. This moon is riding high with Spica, one of the most fortunate stars in the sky. Endeavors at this time may, in some way, involve technology, tools, or anything future-forward. A business opportunity or lucrative investment may be on the horizon or you may be offered a raise. With careful assessment and planning, success and monetary gain are promised.

You may choose an artistic or creative means of emotional expression such as painting, writing, or any situation that will provide you the deep emotional experience you’re longing for. What you produce can be exceptionally beautiful. However, practice caution as the chosen mode of expression can be financially difficult to maintain. There’s also a strong focus on fulfillment through pleasurable activities and you must be careful not to allow the desire to have fun to override your sense of responsibility. Likewise, don’t allow the pleasure of receiving wealth to blind you to the consequences of unbridled pursuit.

The keyword during this period is diplomacy and bodes well for negotiating business arrangements and gain from the masses. Regardless of whether you’re a public figure, an advocate, or involved in commerce, the key to success is maintaining an objective outlook and a willingness to bend to what the majority believes to be correct. Your ideas must be subjugated to the will of those whose favor you seek or cause you champion.

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