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The Path of Compatibility: Discover the keys to harmonious and fulfilling connections. Through the lens of astrology, we explore the cosmic energies that shape our compatibility with others. Uncover the secrets of your astrological chart and uncover the hidden potentials in your relationships.

Embracing Self-Love: Love begins within. Our Alchemy Membership helps you develop a profound sense of self-love and acceptance. Through empowering exercises and insightful guidance, you’ll learn to embrace your unique qualities, cultivate self-compassion, and radiate confidence in your relationships.

Navigating Romance and Relationship Dynamics: Relationships are an ever-evolving journey. With the aid of tarot cards, Alchemy Membership provides you with the tools to navigate the intricacies of romance and relationship dynamics. Gain clarity on the obstacles and opportunities that lie ahead, and unlock the secrets to building deep, authentic connections.

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What do the shifts for Jupiter and Pluto mean for you in 2024? Find out about it along with other significant planetary movements.

Are you ready for 2024? Take a look at the upcoming influence with your solar sign money and love card tarot message.

Discover the love tracks of Venus and Mars with this video series that traces the dance between the two relationship planets as they wind their way through the zodiac. With each change of sign, a shift occurs in your approach to relationship and highlights what you desire in a partner. Find the area of benefic influence, the potential for passion, or the cause of conflict with the astro-tarot messages; one for the collective and another for each individual sign.

Love is oh so sweet..until it hits the rocks. This tarot video series doesn’t candy-coat the truth. Follow along as we explore a choice selection of asteroids and their impact on your love life.

In-depth predictive moon forecasts are available for all but Alchemy Members receive a bit of extra magic for guidance.

Use The Oracle and its rotating selection of card readings available for Alchemy Members only.

Enjoy special promotions and discounts on card decks, ebooks, courses, workshops, and merchandise.


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