Virgo|April 2021

You might be trying to decide what to do about some push-back you’ve received from others that’s caused you to feel dissatisfied or to rethink your position. You’ve either been taking on too much responsibility or not enough and this could indicate the denial or refusal to accept a change in circumstances related to working conditions, workaholism, or unemployment.

On the other hand, you may be diligently doing research, working on a long term project like writing a book, or focusing on important documents or paperwork. Perhaps there’s a desire to move, take a vacation, or just take a break. Alternatively, you could be unhappy with your health, weight, or issues involving alcohol.

Whatever the cause of your concern, you’re likely to withdraw from a burdensome situation to give thought to your next course of action. You’ve been hesitant to share your feelings because you’ve been waiting for or need to deliver an apology or explanation. In the interim until you figure things out, you’ve been biding your time and keeping others at arms length while passing out only tiny bits of information like a trail of breadcrumbs. At the center of this is wanting to protect your heart, business interests, and your money.

While there’s an opportunity up for consideration (several in fact), you’re trying to determine if it’s still attractive given a second look. Patience is called for as this situation will slowly (and perhaps much too slowly for your taste) bring to light certain issues that provide greater awareness about the reason for a lack of stability. It’s time to review the proverbial ledger regarding habits, spending, and behaviors that come at a high price. While you’d like to rely on the counsel of or about a trusted friend, daughter, sister, or advisor, you’re not quite sure how sound the information or explanation you’re receiving is. Matters will tend to give rise to questions concerning loyalty, devotion, and fidelity as it relates to a source of income or secret affair.

However, evolution can be thrust upon you through a confrontation that jolts either you or the other party into an awakening with a strong reality check. There’s a learning curve here and one of you is not quite as smart as you think. An humbling experience will serve as a reminder that it’s time to stop avoiding the inevitable and to just go ahead and hammer out the terms to something that needs wrapping up. You’ll do best if you stay on the fringe and not in the fray by remaining logical, objective, and taking a practical approach to both financial situations, property, or people. For some this may involve a strong connection to a Capricorn (sun, moon, or rising sign).

Tarot Deck: The Field Tarot|Hannah Elizabeth Fofana|U.S. Games Systems Inc.

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