Leo|April 2021

There could be cause for celebration or, at the very least, more opportunities to socialize, educate yourself, and connect to others. Your relationships, particularly with women, are undergoing a transformation and these alliances may prove very useful as you gather information that is pertinent to your circumstances. This might connect to a friend, advisor, or person in the know who can provide the inside scoop. For some, there’s a strong tie to a Taurus (sun, moon, rising).

But a golden opportunity comes with a clause and you’d be wise to consider the fine print and whether you wish to get involved. There’s a good chance that you’ll be receiving a barrage of gossip, trivial details, and a few embellishments to the truth that turn out to be outright lies. Drama surrounding unfulfilled expectations, criticism, and/or false accusations provide the impetus for unfolding events.

However, keen perception guided by strong intuition will come in handy to help you sort out fact from fiction. You’re motivated to conquer any doubts that cause anxiety and this may be related to keeping secrets or something secretive going on behind the scenes that has yet to be revealed. Some assessments might include the involvement of third parties that instigate a desire to stake your claim, prove yourself, or clear your reputation, especially in situations involving manipulation or intimidation. Likewise, a tendency to worry about the choices others make or fight their battles should be put to rest. This will be helpful in assisting you to move past fixed patterns of behavior, dogma, or intolerance in order to reinforce more valid beliefs.

Alternatively, this planning phase might concentrate on psychological analysis, educational background, or finances that have a bearing on honing a skill, job offers, or opportunities to move up the ladder. Any negotiations or attempts at success rest squarely with not overshooting the mark and getting the facts and figures correct. As a result, you may form bonds through learning/teaching experiences or you may give/receive counsel where maintaining motivation or encouragement is paramount.

The advice is to dedicate yourself to a passion and fearlessly pursue it through self-promotion. As you broaden your perspective, a greater range of understanding allows an old matter to evolve or pushes you toward a new horizon.

Tarot Deck: The Field Tarot|Hannah Elizabeth Fofana|U.S. Games Systems Inc.

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