Libra|April 2021

The impetus behind everything this month centers on strength–of your vitality, love, work, passion, bond with children, creativity, or abilities. You’re having to make important decisions about what should be cut from your life and what needs to stay. This involves a careful balance between heart and mind, and in some instances, choosing one over the other.

Words matter and as events unfold, you’ll have plenty to say and this delivery of both thoughts and feelings will be of the utmost importance. If intimate communication is not your best skill, your heart is no longer in something, or a lack of motivation keeps matters stalled then expression could be tricky.

Sharp words, backstabbing behavior, or failure to share authentically suggests cooperation is sorely lacking or decisions are made without the knowledge of all parties involved. Your associations may have included liars, bullies, abusers, opportunists, or cons in relation to issues of significance–property damage, expenditures, serious illness, endings, victimization, or betrayal. Either impatience and despair about the lack of forward progress makes you feel stuck or you’re still processing whirlwind events.

On a lighter note, maybe you’ve decided to only take on creative projects that are emotionally fulfilling or financially viable. Perhaps you’re revisiting pursuits or endeavors that you’d shelved for whatever reason or are re-entering the job market.

Positively, a much needed ending brings relief through a decision maker with the authority to arrive at a fair solution. This could manifest through the court system, a job interview, advice from someone with a special skill set or expertise, therapy, or counseling. It’s possible that fear of failure has been the real blockage. You may realize this and bring a situation to conclusion yourself by taking responsibility and giving up a negative mentality.

Whatever the circumstance, an assessment is taking place regarding the weaker points in you, the surroundings, or your associations. What’s discovered sheds light on what’s no longer working for you. You’re realizing that you’re your best resource and how you effectively use opportunity to promote your own interests is vital. This is a period where you must forge ahead and stay the course. The magic happens when you maintain a certain mindset, mood, and the ability to handle whatever life throws your way. For some, a Leo, another air sign (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), or a combination of both plays a role.

Tarot Deck: The Field Tarot|Hannah Elizabeth Fofana|U.S. Games Systems Inc.

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