Scorpio|April 2021

Someone’s doing a lot of introspection about a terrible mistake that’s been made. Sudden unexpected events might have shaken you to the core or turned your world upside down in some way, especially if a sudden revelation comes to the surface or you discover something on the internet.

This might be in connection to a health crisis, property matters, the breakup of a relationship, divorce, or disaster. You might not have been altogether truthful (with others or yourself), and the purpose of this disruption served to break down a fixed pattern or rigid dogma held in place for far too long. There’s been a failure to meet expectation in some situation that resulted in accusations (false or warranted) regarding negative energy, illicit or criminal behavior, embarrassment, or humiliation and the lack of regard for the casualties or fallout instigated an abrupt change.

Perhaps you’ve been going in circles about what to do, yet not coming up with any good solutions or viable answers. An offer or proposal could be in the works, but either you or the other person is playing cards close to the chest or might feel pressured into an agreement. Now matters are uncertain because of limited information and you may be confused about what exactly is the “right thing to do.”

You may find important answers in books, records, documents, or paperwork, but a quest for spiritual enlightenment brings awareness through time alone, doing research, or seeking sage advice from someone wiser.

The end result is that one of you has chosen to go your own way. That shift might have occurred through an ugly confrontation that laid bare one of two facts: (a) one of you has been holding on to a relationship or situation that no longer serves you or (b) one of you has gotten the facts way wrong. The only recourse was to put the sword down in defeat.

At the heart of the matter is deep disappointment about the past and a history that’s hard to get over. This head and heart conflict compels you to move toward other horizons no matter how reluctantly because until you get to the root of who you are, you’ll be of little use to anyone else. Even so, what happens now is just a small part of a story that’s still unfolding.

Tarot Deck: The Field Tarot|Hannah Elizabeth Fofana|U.S. Games Systems Inc.

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