Cancer|April 2021

A change in leadership or your own management skills come into play as you address transitions in both conditions and the environment instigated by the competition. This may provoke a review of a job offer, how you multi-task responsibilities, handle multiple relationships, or stretch thinning resources as far as they can go. In fact, this month is about struggling or juggling depending on your strong suit for balancing balls in the air.

Positively, dual opportunities could present or you may be offered a gift or promotion. This may involve a choice by you or someone with strong fire energy (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius). Regardless of the options, your considerations are somewhat motivated by a desire to please others, but also handling matters in the most expedient manner possible as it suits your own needs and desires.

In the pursuit of a personal dream, you’ll apply concerted effort toward making progress or gaining an advantage. This might be complicated due to issues of depression, foggy thinking, a lack of clarity, or illness. However, new information or set of circumstances will require you to take immediate action. This may be through education, creative inspiration, or self-promotion tied to travel, shipping, commerce, or networking. There’s either self-motivation or you’re relying on the encouragement of others to expand your field of vision as you await feedback on something you’re projecting out to the world at large.

In the interim, you may feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices or staggering options. List-making and learning to prioritize where you put energy is the only way to find the time for yourself and your own personal interests. There’s also the danger of egocentric behavior in your circle or an attitude of “my way or the highway.” This could result in petty squabbles, power plays, and vying for control. Your ability to outmaneuver any rivals is critical as others seek to usurp your power or position if you’re not careful. The best scenario is one of teamwork, cooperation, and coming together with others to solve problems or build a foundation.

Tarot Deck: The Field Tarot|Hannah Elizabeth Fofana|U.S. Games Systems Inc.

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