Gemini|April 2021

The engines are revved and you’re fired up for a fresh start and a new beginning. This might be related to a passionate attraction–person or project. The problem with fire is that it can quickly burn out if there’s not enough oxygen. Dedication required to stoke action could be a real concern, especially if someone’s choosing not to rush into a commitment. The down side is that your initiation into the next chapter could be borne out of immaturity, inexperience, or a poor choice that led to heartbreak, frustration, a love triangle, or a third party meddling in your affairs resulting in hurtful words or a breakdown in communication or negotiations.

If you expected a situation to go south, you probably were prepared to receive unsettling news and have charted a new course. If not, you may still be grappling with an unpleasant and unexpected situation created by foolish risks that affected your career or domestic situation. Wherever you’ve shirked responsibility, it’s now time to pay the piper and face the music.

Whatever the case, the horizon is here that requires a leap of faith to introduce yourself to a new circle of acquaintances and experiences that could include travel, job offers, relationships, or other opportunities if you’re open to starting over.

But try as you may to turn your back on a circumstance, anxiety can lead to many sleepless nights as you replay an endless loop of what ifs about your own choices or those of someone you care about. Your worries may be over whether you’ll receive a response or whether you’re capable of playing catch up to overwhelmingly, fast-paced change. At the center of the storm are concerns about a home, project, celebration, friends that feel like family, marriage, or moving in together. As blockages fall by the wayside (good or bad), the pace of events will move in record time assuring that whatever plans you originally had in place are likely to change at a moment’s notice.

Central to the action is a connection to authority–your own as well as that of others. This might connect to someone with Aries strongly figured in the natal chart, or a father role, superior at work, business or land owner, or a strong masculine presence. This period asks that you take leadership for your decisions, and as a result, you’re likely to assert yourself based on concerns for stability, security, and the establishment of a strong foundation on which you can rely. The questions about where you stand could center on a project, property, or relationship. The oxymoron is to prepare yourself for the unexpected. This month, expect to take matters to the next level or for new conditions to escalate a sudden transition.

Tarot Deck: The Field Tarot|Hannah Elizabeth Fofana|U.S. Games Systems Inc.

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