Aquarius|April 2021

The cornerstone of your reading is the card that belongs to you–The Star. This month you could very well be the star of your own story receiving attention or accolades for your star quality, talents, or attributes. This may have something to do with a talent you’ve developed, a situation that helps you establish yourself so that you’re no longer struggling, or a charitable interest that helps others.

In spite of recent setbacks, there’s a sense of renewal and events may soon arrive that rejuvenate your state of mind because of assistance or positive developments. This is a transition period with many changes on the horizon. As the sands shift beneath your feet, a firm reliance on faith may be the only thing that bolsters your balance. Indeed, faith may be all you have right now as you trust that you’re being divinely guided on your path.

In the interim, however, you may feel vulnerable, open, exposed, isolated, or trapped. Perhaps you’re releasing a history of conflict, power struggles, and defense mechanisms or giving up hope on something. In matters involving work, father/authority figures, or property, you’ll feel overwhelmed by a revolving door of never-ending problems until you stop applying effort toward no-win situations that create extra work and seem to pop up at the last minute without any advance notice. This can manifest also through your dealings with banks, government, healing agencies, or large institutions that have a bearing on long-term stability.

However, there’s an offer you’re currently meditating on or a decision or choice that you’re reconsidering (perhaps because of naivete). You’re motivated by the desire for guarantees of security that’ll help establish a solid foundation before you decide whether circumstances meet with your satisfaction. To get answers, you’re likely to assert yourself to find out exactly where you stand in matters. This suggests you won’t mince words when it comes to anything that impacts your peace of mind. Old issues are moving to the next level or you’re starting something new. Either way, the pace of progress is quick.

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