Capricorn|April 2021

This is a high cycle of endings and conclusions regarding people and property. After carrying the burden of responsibility for a heavy load, you’ll make a fresh start feeling a bit lighter. A new situation is promised through a covenant with the Universe that brings with it the opportunity for success or to achieve a goal. This may involve a laborious project that pays off, a new job or change of residence, or improved familial relationships and situations tied to those nearest and dearest. A fresh chapter heralds the introduction of new people, circumstances, and experiences if you take a leap of faith and put yourself out there.

However, progress could be met with some resistance, especially if the perspective is out of proportion and too much emotional intensity has been attached to matters. On the other hand, responses may be warranted if there’s been a lack of commitment or effort that resulted in conflict, estrangement, or rebellion within your tight circle because of unexpected situations in the professional or domestic sphere that you were ill-prepared to handle. At the crux may have been challenges that made you feel stuck and at the mercy of others–health concerns, betrayal, backbiting, or simply your own sense of victimhood.

History is part of this consideration as well as the emphasis on establishing stability that lasts well into the future. As a result, you may be dealing with financial institutions, government, investments, or large companies with an eye toward retirement, educational needs, or concerns for the care of a parent. Good advice may come through advisors, consultants, friends, or those who can provide the inside loop to greater clarity.

In some cases, you might make the decision to leave a troubled past behind–one that was full of disappointment and disillusionment. While you now know what you don’t want, the future still holds an element of uncertainty until you discover exactly what you do want. You may be clearer about that within the next month as you come into awareness of anything going on behind the scenes or secrets that come to light.

In the handling of matters, your intuition is either highly on point or you’re out of touch with it because of closed-mindedness and over-reliance on pure logic. But accurate instincts are critical regarding an opportunity on the horizon that brings a transition in your alliances. This does not come free and clear, but a careful evaluation will tell you if it’s worth it to get involved–you may feel it’s just too much work. In spite of the sense of urgency, this situation is just a fragment of larger events set to slowly unfold.

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