Pisces|April 2021

Look for all things hidden to come to light as secrets are revealed. This awareness may be through psychic impressions or medium-ship or provoked because of emotional challenges tied to grief, death, documents, sexuality, health, or financial concerns.

Fluctuating conditions create a sense of foreboding about a worst case scenario and a vague, nagging feeling may be a harbinger for bad news concerning a loved one. Mother/child issues, family history, or past conditioning could require intervention, especially if you’re in conflict or in need of protection.

Perhaps the focus is on a willingness to help regarding psychological issues, physical conditions requiring surgery, or problematic situations surrounding debt, taxes, mortgages, or inheritance. Hidden transactions, lost documents, secret negotiations, or third party interference has the potential to contribute to a breakdown in communication while also disrupting your sense of well-being, happiness, or peace of mind.

To combat this crisis, you’ll have to claim your authority to make choices or rely on a decision-maker for fair resolution in matters that affect your security. The goal may be to gain personal financial power or a say in jointly held assets. But expecting for any rewards to show up without effort on your part will most certainly end in heartbreak. In fact, failure to adequately deal with this situation more effectively means that someone cold, cunning, or ruthless will usurp your power, position, or authority.

If ongoing financial concerns are affecting your health, relax, take time for yourself and pleasant distraction, creativity, or meditation and the answers will soon arrive. While this situation can’t be rushed, the diligent effort you’ve applied thus far brings you closer to the goal. The message is to be vigilant during this cycle despite the discomfort and to face all truths no matter how difficult. For some, a Taurus, Scorpio, or air sign (Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius) could play a pivotal role.

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