A Date to Remember Tarot Reading|Water Signs|August 2020

Be sure to view your Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign for additional perspective.


Cancer, it’s hard to fly free and enjoy the ride if you can’t take your eyes off of the controls. It’s time for you to travel to the center of yourself to rediscover play. This is where inspiration and imagination lives. If you want to create the masterpiece that is your love and your life, put away the paint by numbers and go ahead and color outside the lines.


Scorpio, we don’t always receive second chances. It’s time to offer yourself another one. A change of season arrives when you’re willing to face the shadow and walk out of the darkness. You must endure the harsh winter to return to the spring of life. As you surrender yourself to an inevitable metaphoric death, so again shall you rise to greet your glory.


Pisces, quantum physics tells us that reality does not exist until it is observed. The observed and the observer are one. Perhaps the answer now lies in your perspective and how you choose to look at a circumstance. If science is correct, then the world that’s presenting is the one that you’ve chosen to see, and if you’d like to view matters through a pair of rose-tinted Chevallier specs, well, then that’s your prerogative. You have the power to make miracles manifest with your mind. Raise your sights high.

Photo by Larisa Birta on Unsplash

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