A Date to Remember Tarot Reading|Fire Signs|August 2020

Be sure to view your Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign for additional perspective.


Aries, what’s the price for love? There’s a long history to consider where money and love are inextricably intertwined. Check ego at the door or it’ll take up way too much space at the negotiating table. Any focus based solely on personal profit will end with a loss. You score big when the benefit is mutual.


Leo, make all the calculations you like. By all means, crunch the numbers and review the bottom line. Let the ledger take the lead. Run the figures and fact check. Consider the score and the stakes. Keep tabs on the tit-for-tat. Look for the lies and the liabilities. But at some point…if you still think it’s worth it…you’ll have to take the risk. Just do it!


Sagittarius, what’s the point of your light if you’re not letting it shine? Who’s trying to reign in your radiance? You beam brightest when you focus with laser-like attention on the desired goal. Lack-luster effort won’t produce the results you seek. If you’re keeping it private, let it be to refine, define, and align with your highest purpose. Commit to mastering your craft, your life, and your heart. Then open the shutters wide and blind them with your brilliance.

Photo by Craig Melville on Unsplash

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