A Date to Remember Tarot Reading|Air Signs|August 2020

Be sure to view your Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign for additional perspective.


Gemini, there may be safety in numbers, but not when you use them to keep score in the game of love. If you’re trying to give birth to something positive, then understand that resentment breeds contempt. Don’t act out of spite–act with love in spite of. Healing can only happen when you forgive–start with yourself.


Libra, historical perspective always depends on who’s writing the story. Perhaps the narrative is not being presented clearly. In any case, your next steps come easily when you see through and look beyond the illusion. You have the power to rewrite a story or jump into a parallel universe that is more to your liking. Trust in your ability to bend time, master magic, and still go back to the future when intentions are for the highest good.


Aquarius, the broken heart you’ve been nursing is set to heal. As you gather the pieces, you’re learning the ancient art of “kintsugi” where fractured pieces of pottery are put back together with gold. When you accept yourself in all of your beautiful imperfection your confidence will return. This effort at growth will be rewarded with a golden opportunity that is just on the horizon. It’ll offer the chance to fulfill your desires and manifest your dreams.

Photo by Larisa Birta on Unsplash

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