A Date to Remember Tarot Reading|Earth Signs|August 2020

Be sure to view your Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign for additional perspective.


Taurus, Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “The inmost in due time becomes the outmost.” Only you know when it’s time to spread your wings and emerge from the safety of your cocoon. But the Universe will grant you the gift of perception as subtle synchronicities support your soul to leave an old space to find the sweetest nectar.


Virgo, “Some secrets are like fossils and the stone has become too heavy to turn over.” (Delphine de Vigan) What’s weighing heavily on you now and keeping you from healing? You’re in the process of becoming. This always arrives with the pain of relinquishing the old self. Trust the transformation and you’ll transcend old wounds to retrieve the parts of your soul that were stolen long ago.


Capricorn, you tallied up the points, but did it even the score? Oddly enough, you’ll find the balance when you put down the scales. The metering and measuring is a fear-based response rooted in the worry that you may not be enough. Once you recognize that your birthright can not be taken, you’ll be seated at the table with everyone served.

Photo by Elizabeth Kay on Unsplash

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