Venus enters Aries|Feb 7-Mar 4

This lady knows exactly what she wants and she’s not afraid to go after it! Venus is considered to be in detriment in the sign of Aries. She’s usually expected to exhibit her feminine glory and wait demurely for benefits to arrive. But not satisfied with merely playing the role of spectator, this Venus demands to be a player in the game. Relationships take place unapologetically from the vantage point of self. Is it the self-assuredness of being so comfortable with her own true nature and desire that makes her presence in this sign of masculine energy a bit of a threat?

Don’t be surprised if your love life kicks up a notch as a passionate desire for love and change finds you seeking some kind of love adventure. With no time to waste to express your affection, situations could very well lead to that heart-thumping, love at first sight kind of infatuation that takes you both by surprise as you leap head first into an ardent affair. With a healthy dose of self-love here, you’ll need a liaison that feels liberating as you take the lead to explore the steamier side of seduction.

Nevertheless, you’ll want it known that you’re under no contract. A partner will have to seize the opportunity on the spot afforded by the mercurial magnetism by which you were drawn together. In fact, if too much time is wasted waiting for a potential lover to respond, you’re likely to lose interest and set sights on the next shiny object glittering in your midst. Unfortunately, sweeping you off your feet may only serve as the energetic momentum for that extra boost as you land back on solid ground to speedily sprint away when the fleeting thrill is gone. It’s not that you didn’t mean it, you just meant it in that moment. You’re not looking for tenderness, but rather intensity–the more fiery the better. The perfect mate for intrigue is one who can adapt to your erratic sense of timing. This admirer makes you feel attractive, but also respects your very strong sense of self and the wish for personal freedom.

But, hey, even if love doesn’t last (and let’s be honest, it probably won’t), at least Venus can help you smooth over any conflict or hard feelings.

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