Love Lessons – February 2020

In the month that favors love, what are your most intimate relationships trying to teach you? What role will the most important people in your life play in the lessons that push you toward evolution? Discover why the story that’s unfolding in February may serve a very different purpose than the one you expect.


Themes: attitude, belief, power of perseverance

A progression of triumphs lies ahead that are small in nature but significant in effect. As a result of your persistence, the tables have turned in a circumstance that was once largely overpowering. The only size that matters most now is the size of your heart. As you open it to the possibility of love, you also tame a danger that threatened to consume you. Though initially timid or tepid, a growing belief in yourself is giving you the confidence to protect both self and resources from those who might take advantage or pose a risk. When you focus on the details, heightened awareness grants the benefit of foresight that others are lacking. You recognize what needs attention most when you learn to distinguish the important from the trivial. As a result, your patience and quiet determination will not go unnoticed and assures that hard work will pay off in the end.


Themes: choices, confidence, letting go, self-determination

While seemingly safe, the tiny cage you’ve built doesn’t offer much room for romance. There are still dreams you haven’t explored and the faint glimmer of wishes borne of a time and place, long ago, and far away when your heart hoped for the magical and mysterious. Long a symbol of love, peace, and weddings, the dove prefers to be permanently paired and mates for life. On a spiritual level, it also represents the marriage between intuition and reality. There is the possibility for peaceful negotiations, both with others and with self, that will release the trauma of emotional disharmony. A deep inner tranquility is on offer when you step out of your own way to allow the realms beyond to answer prayers. You are being divinely guided toward a new path of renewal that is more authentic to your true nature. The doorway that opens will give you the freedom to feel and the liberty to love.


Themes: comfort, positive view of life, energy, shine

There are clear skies ahead and nothing on the horizon to stop you from exploring your potential. The secret is to turn toward the warmth of the sun and away from any grief and loss that cast a gray shadow over the past. As the luminary that represents self, the sun is the life force generating through the power of your personality and will. Your optimistic view of life has the strength to radiate vitality throughout your entire body. Surround yourself with positive, happy people in an environment that allows your light to shine. In turn, that resplendent glow can offer a comforting beam to others.


Themes: hope, beacon, solution, beginnings

There are possibilities for new love or a new beginning in love. A light on the horizon will guide you out of a lonely darkness or any uncertainty through an illuminating circumstance that helps you find the parts of yourself that were lost. White roses are the popular pick for the union of a wedding or for conveyance of respect in ceremonies that mark occasions of great significance, but can also be a flower of farewell to honor memories of the past. It may be time to move to the next level or appreciate the value of something ending in your life before moving on to new horizons. With either closure or a leveling up in love comes the understanding that relationships require an effort of active exchange. The gift of love is found both in the giving and receiving. Though rarely equal, the trade must always be equitable.


Themes: curiosity, discovery, small moments in life

Dear Leo, how does your garden grow? The silky cocoon that enveloped your deepest thoughts has opened to reveal a profound metamorphosis of the mind. A beautiful butterfly is now emerging in the revelation of your own wholeness. This transformation takes place as you quietly soak in the stillness of your surroundings to discover the loveliness of life. Be aware of the many possible moments that could be precious if only you were to take the time to be mindful. Small observations can lead to great discoveries–some about yourself.


Themes: transformation, life’s ups and downs, development

Change is coming as you enter the spring of your awakening. While you undergo this transformation, turbulent winds may blow through that feel cold and overwhelming at times. In spite of the constant shift, your objectives are firmly rooted. The lesson is to remain quietly centered knowing that movement is part of the cycle. This season will eventually give way, and when all the seeds have settled, you can expect a garden full of blossoms grounded in the loving intent with which they were planted.


Themes: experience of life, growth, knowledge, age

The most valuable real estate lies within your heart and mind. You are never away from home when you understand that home is always within you. Your soul is a fortress encompassing the wisdom of life experiences, memories, thoughts, and feelings. As you grow older, you also grow wiser and it is the sagacity of your insights that provide a bastion of strength to weather any storm or pain. Your vast knowledge is also a foundation for those who rely on your resilience and honor you with love. The perception of who you are is the basis for being comfortable in your own skin with the ability to feel at home. What beliefs have taken up residence? The kingdom is yours when you are grounded in the secure reality of your truest self.


Themes: magic, mystery, hidden thoughts

There are keys in your possession that would help you to unlock hidden emotions, psychological thought patterns, and past conditioning that continues to exert influence over you. Your personal secrets, history, and ideas are under your control and yours for the sharing should you choose to do so. But take under consideration whether revealing too much or too little will grant the desired effect you wish to achieve. Under the right conditions, your intentions will flower. There may be several alternatives, but perhaps a little mystique can help you to open the secret to keeping the magic of romance alive.


Themes: nurture, motherhood, protector, incubation

You may wish to explore your desires, but only within the safe and loving confines of protection. You may be examining giving birth to a goal or a child, a relationship to your mother, or issues surrounding security and nurturance. Perhaps it’s time to heal from the influence of actions or words that affected you when you were most vulnerable and innocent. Tend to your inner child to rewrite a story you’ve been told that had no merit. Give yourself love and feather your nest to create a surrounding that fosters your soul. While your destiny may seem complicated with numerous problems to solve, ideas are currently hatching that will offer more assurance. Good fortune is on its way to you for the care and responsible keeping of your inner and outer environment.


Themes: restoration, dreams, rhythms, lullaby

There is a time and place for all things. You may be facing a hectic schedule with a multitude of dilemmas, complexities, and never-ending problems that require solutions. In spite of these demands, be mindful of the hours your keep; observe and honor the natural rhythm of your body. Make time for yourself to practice meditation and listen to soothing sounds that bring calm and tranquility. As night approaches, leave the cares of the day behind. Quiet your mind and surrender to the peaceful sleep that aids in renewal and recovery. You give so much of yourself, but this nocturnal respite is intended for repair and recharge. As a result, dreams may provide answers you seek allowing you to wake fully refreshed with enough creative inspiration to tackle the day.


Themes: love, womanhood, passion, seduction

You are distinctly aware of the influence of femininity, temptation, and the power of seduction, but also recognize that in the quest to find true love, you might be charmed or lured by situations that don’t serve you. You realize that there are attractions destined for doom as well as those that never seem to bloom. Maybe the flames of a once passionate affair has now burned itself out. But ash can be a fine fertilizer for the future growth of a garden. Each experience informs the next helping you to refine your ideals and ideas about love. While not every relationship is meant to last, the connection can provide a foundation of discovery for one that will. If your heart is not ignited, perhaps it’s time to find your passion.


Themes: journey, remembrance, experiences, passage

You may be reviewing your progress in the realization that you are a long way from where you started. There may be important choices regarding travel or involving those at a distance. You have reached a turning point in the decision about where you should drop anchor or when this pilgrimage should end. Though tumultuous at times, it has been a journey full of rich experiences that have created the memories which stand as the foundation of your life while buoying you to new heights of understanding. This time period marks a passage where the abundant exchange of love keeps you or others afloat.

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