Love Notes – Weekend Feb 7-9, 2020

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: In a month known for arrows flying, you might have to decide whether the intended mark is the heart in a loving sense, especially if you have unfinished business with someone or unresolved issues. Your intuition is prodding you to take heed to what it’s telling you. If you can’t hear your spirit guides, get some reliable advice regarding the possibility for new love because you’ll first need to clear the cobwebs related to old energy, old lovers, and old patterns of behavior.


  • Waiting to have fun with someone from your past
  • Impulsiveness–patience needed to build a foundation
  • Past conditioning affects your relationship and whether you feel relaxed
  • May be dealing with ex or old lover from the past; playing around
  • Patience in tying up loose ends; resolving unfinished business
  • Past life connection in this incarnation
  • Work before play
  • Trying to recapture something from a long time ago; attempting to regain fun and excitement of relationship
  • Something worth waiting for


  • Decision not to marry or commit; working through divorce issues
  • Not the right time to form a partnership
  • Inability to make a start because of ties to the past–need to emotionally or energetically release an ex lover
  • Not attending wedding or ceremony
  • Need to take the initiative toward commitment, marriage, or wedding plans
  • Not acting like you’re married or committed; limited involvement because one of you is married


  • Trying to gain by keeping score or one-upmanship; criticism or critique of past relationship; negative comparisons
  • Mental record of perceived “wrongs”
  • Having to pay high price for relationship financially or emotionally
  • Warfare or extreme competition–old resentments, self-righteousness
  • History of inconsistencies in speech and/or behavior; fear of change or commitment; red flags
  • Competition for love and affection; trading favors (i.e. money, sex, power)
  • One of you involved in competitive sports or profession
  • Bills, receipts, paperwork, documents related to the past (may be problematic)
  • Empowerment through rising above the pettiness; leadership, harnessing personal power
  • Need to take charge of negativity or thoughtlessness


  • Dancing with the devil–taking too many risks with health or well-being
  • Need for self-dialogue and rediscovery of inner beauty–self acceptance that includes flaws
  • May have to love self more before beginning relationship
  • Need to acknowledge fears regarding appearance or vitality; obsession with perfection
  • Constant need to look up illness or self-diagnose
  • Illusions about emotional or physical health–hidden aspects of self or situation
  • May not take health issues seriously enough–could be neglecting health and/or appearance
  • Need for fun, relaxation, and down time as part of healthy and balanced regimen; need to put self first
  • Healing; self-reflection; addressing personal demons


  • Abundant secrets; someone is keeping secrets; inability to read emotions
  • Secret passion
  • Secrets concerning money; reaping the fruits of efforts
  • Secret of abundance–shift in scarcity mentality; connection to nature
  • Gratitude for gain through a secret; need for discretion due to circumstance
  • Anger concerning a secret; hiding money
  • Element of relationship may be hidden, clandestine, or secretive


  • Complications caused through deception
  • Deception about making changes or difficulty in doing so; waiting in vain
  • Facing the truth of deception; masking emotions about change
  • Deceiving yourself about how difficult something would be
  • Unable to show feelings because of complexities and difficulties that interfere with natural flow and ease of relationship–i.e. third parties, children/partners from previous relationships, office romance, extra-marital affairs, health challenges, etc.
  • Misunderstandings
  • Difficulty finding your way through a situation
  • The end of a complicated matter; transformation


  • Attainment of success; you hold the key–basking in the glow of recognition
  • Key to success–time to stop struggling, acceptance of what is
  • A solution to a challenge or difficulty is imminent
  • Someone’s heart or opportunity that was formerly closed may suddenly open for you
  • Finding the answer
  • Discovering a clue; unlocking a secret, mystery, or enigma


  • Everything old is new again–long term relationship gets better with age or time–things falling into place
  • New love with someone you’ve known a long time (may be old friend)
  • New love as an older couple; new love with someone older or more established; May/December romance
  • Ancestry, history, or parents have bearing on new love
  • Making peace with parent having new relationship
  • Better second time around–age, experience, or wisdom is a factor
  • Experience assists in making alliances that lead to love
  • Renewal of vows; anniversary
  • New interests or passion in retirement
  • History of starting something new–string of new loves
  • Need to seek harmony or peace in aftermath of long relationship when one of you finds new love; end of a struggle


  • Spiritual awakening through romantic situation
  • Need for grounding regarding perspective about romance
  • Romantic date that connects to nature or humanitarian interest
  • Recognizing the presence of Spirit because of romantic involvement
  • Dating, romantic gestures, date, courtship, invitation


  • Trying to act like you’re happy about something when you’re not (may tie to travel, celebration, or transportation)
  • Falsity concerning good news or opportunity–someone acting like they have best interests at heart
  • Opening doors through false means
  • Presenting false face in relationship; secret agenda; ulterior motives
  • Masking emotions
  • Someone very different from attractive presentation
  • Lack of clarity concerning relaxing, movement, or exercise
  • False friend, liar, gossip, opportunist, imposter, player, con
  • Good news concerning the discovery of deceit


  • Strength of finances; purchase power
  • Money involving children, health, or romance
  • High self esteem in matters concerning business or finance
  • Fearlessly taking action involving finances or client
  • Financial concerns–need for balance or grounding
  • Finances affecting relationship; shared financial goals
  • Romantic involvement with client, coworker, colleague
  • Career/work take priority over romance; workaholic
  • You/partner may be wealthy or involved in financial industry
  • Power through family business


  • Being oblivious or too self-absorbed to notice or take advantage of an opportunity
  • Recognition of an opportunity; an opportunity for recognition
  • Opening the door to an opportunity for self expression or that highlights creativity; letting yourself shine
  • Confidence in the ability to create opportunity
  • An opportunity for beneficial change provided that you take the initiative

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