Love Notes: Weekend Jan 3-5, 2020

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: The art of discernment is important in determining whether others are married, committed, or willing. You’ll need to delve deeper beneath the surface of a situation, especially if either of you are playing your hand with a poker face and hiding the truth or your true self. A lighthearted diversion may provide the gateway to ease the fear of opening up. How do you play together? Do you play nice? On the other hand, a lack of seriousness could confirm that one of you is not interested in anything firm or binding. Were you just playing? If so, you might want to pick up your marbles and go home.


  • Talking again–rebirth of expression; need to release something you’ve been repressing
  • Expressing joy in the revitalization of relationship
  • Positive change from doing what you love
  • Positive personal changes because of relationship
  • Vitality; reawakening of desires or feelings you thought were dead
  • Relationship starts again in new form; second chances
  • Coming out of isolation
  • Re-entering dating scene; social butterfly
  • Changing your appearance


  • Opportunity created through chemistry with someone
  • Determining the possibility of whether you share chemistry
  • Strong attraction drives you to take a risk
  • Intense sexual chemistry, passion, desire
  • Luck in creating opportunity through magnetism
  • Physical attraction; opportunity for sexual encounter
  • Careful of risk factor related to opportunity–need to be frugal


  • Shadow behavior related to sex, money, power; manipulation
  • Sexual stalking
  • Fear of intimacy, endings, or intensity–need to acknowledge fears
  • Transformation results in completely different situation; illusions
  • Taking risks that have implications related to sexuality, the psyche, large sums of money, or life and death/health challenges
  • Surrender due to hidden aspects of self or situation; release
  • Profound and unsettling changes
  • Inevitability in a circumstance
  • Connections to Scorpio persons (sun, moon, or rising)


  • Time to take action–playing the role of seducer or seduced
  • The start of something–you find new person intriguing
  • Good timing–heavy flirtation
  • Need to take the initiative–passion vital in maintaining relationship
  • Beliefs or conditioning related to sexuality; seduced by beliefs or value system
  • Sexual innuendos; temptation
  • Hidden, secret, or clandestine affair


  • Alone because of trust issues
  • Protecting your solitude–greater need to be alone
  • Recognizing vulnerability about being alone
  • Belief in self to create your own private world
  • Support from others through retreat environment
  • Retreating from support
  • Need to be alone together as a couple
  • Feeling protected when you’re alone
  • Tapping into emotions in solitude


  • Changing your luck through making an effort
  • Fortunate ending or fortuitous stroke of luck
  • Transformation through a pleasant unexpected surprise or encounter
  • Lucky opportunity brings about meeting with person of interest
  • Wish fulfillment
  • Waiting in vain for luck to change
  • Facing the truth about getting what you want


  • Opportunity for change through travel
  • Making or changing travel plans; escapism
  • Transformation through following a dream
  • Carrying too much emotional baggage to act on dreams
  • Letting go of old baggage–embracing new self-identity
  • Need for change–relationship saddled with past conditioning, ego, childhood patterns; unresolved issues affect the way you engage
  • Not letting go of old wounds and resentments
  • Inability get past chronic negative behaviors that prevent or damage relationship
  • Shared baggage–partnering with others based on same history of damage or disappointment rather than common goals, values, or interests


  • Writing a heartfelt message or letter
  • Seeking inner peace through communication; need for spiritual guidance
  • Knowledge, wisdom, or truth contained in a document
  • Wisdom of opening to higher self when writing; gift of writing
  • You will soon receive or send a love message
  • Written invitation, letter, text, email, phone call
  • Love letter, card, or sentiment
  • Wedding announcement
  • Hearing from someone; making contact


  • Maintaining emotional balance about “the one,” self-control
  • Getting clear through outer and inner alignment of what you believe represents the ideal
  • Creating work/life harmony in order to find or be with the perfect partner; successful juggling
  • Marriage material; partner worth spending a lifetime together
  • Need for healthy balance in idealizing person or situation; masking emotions
  • High magnetism and powers of attraction because of emotional poise
  • May be receiving gifts, recognition, or good fortune
  • Being in the spotlight


  • Spiritual awakening about you/partner not returning
  • Inability to reconcile past differences or reconnect
  • Not at peace about circumstances surrounding commitment; need for grounding
  • Ending on a negative note; parting of ways
  • Difficulty coming to terms with weakness of humanity
  • Recognition of presence of Spirit in spite of lack of peace


  • Memories affect chemistry
  • Memories of chemistry you shared with someone you found attractive
  • Thoughts of how you/partner used to look–need to recognize inner beauty; pampering yourself; nostalgia for the past
  • Reveling in memories–memories of pleasant shared experiences influence relationship; sentimentality
  • Creating memories together
  • Old loves may reappear


  • Clarity about a joke or not taking something seriously
  • Time out to gain clarity; getting clear about the need for recreation or down time
  • Gaining greater clarity or truth about relationship
  • Letting loose (with words) to shed light on something
  • Clarity about consequences of getting out of hand or pushing boundaries
  • Coming to clear understanding; something about interactions will bring important issues to light
  • Clarity about enjoyment, form of entertainment, or social setting
  • Light bulb moment; hidden revealed

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Image: The Lovers, circa 1900, Charles Webster Hawthorne

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