Mars enters Sagittarius|Jan 3-Feb 15, 2020

Positives: Inspirational motivator, independent thinker, fearless optimism, acting on faith, seeking adventure, fighting against limitation

Negatives: Erratic, impractical, lack of discrimination, self-righteous, tendency to extravagance, arrogance, overly-aggressive

Things get sexy when you’re willing to step outside of the comfort zone, push your own boundaries, and accept a different perspective about relating. To that end, you may have absolutely no problem whatsoever being direct about what you want and how you want it delivered. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re willing to commit beyond the experience. The problem can be a tendency to jump into relationships or sexual encounters without giving much thought to the consequences. As a result, it’s possible to misconstrue sexual attraction for love. Wow, that was fun–okay, see ya! If you’re not careful, these spontaneous and superficial unions can also conclude as regretful morning-afters.

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