Love Lessons – January 2020

What are the love lessons we will face during January as we enter a month of challenging aspects? As always, discover what experiences will provide the catalyst for soul growth and development through relationships with others.


Themes: choices, confidence, letting go, self-determination

You’re realizing what freedom means as you explore the option to make your own decisions and to choose your own life. The power lies within you and no one else. Cages are both restrictive and protective in nature, but is the danger out there or inside? An opportunity is currently opening up for you. Are you brave enough to leave the confines of comfort to claim it? Now is the time to make peace with yourself and break away from the limiting thought patterns that have held you captive in the past. Trust in the Universe and allow yourself to be guided toward what makes you feel alive, wild, and free–you’re being granted the liberty to live.


Themes: friendship, soul, tenderness, joy

Just as there is shadow and light, so also does each soul express through both separateness and the oneness of consciousness. You’re asked to fluctuate between these vibrational states of being while recognizing that neither is good or bad, nor greater in value than the other. The lesson is to learn how to connect without cost to individuality. Just as the lily flower is believed to relieve heartache, your willingness to give of self to soothe and support is a source of inspiration for those who need you most. Let your passion for helping others help you to see the good in all things, especially yourself.


Themes: new beginnings, luck, optimism

What greater gift is there than to love and be loved? You are fortunate, indeed! New beginnings await as you look forward with optimism backed by the power of love to make good things happen. With umbrella in hand, are you expecting rain or sun? Put regrets in the past and don’t let the clouds of yesterday overshadow a bright future. You’re currently sitting in the best spot to watch the sun rise. Oh, what a beautiful morning!


Themes: happiness, encouragement, unlock feelings

Perhaps you’ve made a choice (or someone close) to keep the heart under lock and key as a claim to individuality. But something is giving you the message that there’s a better solution. Events will soon present you with the opportunity to explore a variety of options that will allow you to open a cage and to open a heart–possibly your own. The perfect answer is firmly within your grasp–friends and family will unlock feelings that help you find the lost keys to personal happiness.


Themes: focus, forward looking, possibilities, motivation

You are loved, dear Leo, but are you loving yourself? Perhaps you’re finding it a bit difficult to believe in self as you question certain decisions. There’s dismay about the fulfillment of expectations that seem to remain in the distant future. You’re acutely aware of the message to focus on the goal, yet the motivation is sorely lacking. What you need is some wind beneath your wings to reignite the passion for life. Immerse yourself in activities that unlock your creativity. Surround yourself with people who make you feel inspired. Believe in the future and soon you will soar above difficulty to fly in the face of what you thought was impossible.


Themes: departure, new perspectives, goodbyes

It takes tremendous courage to give up old habits and beliefs, but the seeds of change are blowing in the wind. This transition may feel unsettling at first, but a necessary ending is taking place so that your life can move in new directions and offer new growth. Trust that you can survive through any challenge or difficulty and heal from emotional or physical pain. Just as the dandelion persistently takes root in a bit of soil or a crack in the sidewalk, you too will grow wherever you land. Take comfort that those you leave behind bid you well on the journey. A wish is being fulfilled that will bring long lasting happiness and a lightness of being is pushing you upward to fly toward something brand new–a dream, a place, even yourself.


Themes: whimsy, excitement, curiosity, gift

There’s the anticipation of a gift should you be curious enough to offer or accept. Once you make a deep commitment to self, you can then follow your instincts about the future and what lies ahead. Your intuition will provide the awareness that there is more to be seen in a situation. Perhaps the gift is the power of healing and the ability to open the heart and mind of another to a greater perspective. While it’s okay to run wild, the passion you truly desire is one that brings you closer to true love in a bond that is worthy of a lifetime. Your ability to maintain the delicate balance of life and commitment allows for the opportunity for this kind of love to bloom.


Themes: mindfulness, sensitivity, empathy

If your eyes are closed, make sure it’s to listen more intently. It’s time to hear with your heart and connect to children, your childhood, or your own inner child. This means celebrating by bringing more happiness into your life and that of others. Allow your mind to run wild and free with possibilities that are rooted in the meadow of imagination. As you become more attuned to the surroundings, you’ll reconsider what’s growing beneath the surface of a situation–something is not as it seems. While you may find it difficult to expect the positive or see the good in others, beware of the inclination to be fooled by appearances. Look with loving eyes at the sorrow and the joy. You may discover that what at first glance seemed to offer very little, may suddenly surprise you with its humble beauty.


Themes: hope, beacon, solution, beginnings

Are you lost in the lonely gloom of darkness or uncertainty? There is a beacon of hope on the horizon that offers a solution or new beginning. It requires that you first put down your armor and allow yourself to be vulnerable. The white rose is symbolic of a bride, love, and marriage. If this is your desire, you may be questioning your own worthiness or that of a partner, but trust your moral compass to guide you toward those with sincerity of intention. This rose also represents honor, purity of purpose, and peaceful interaction. Where in your life do you need to make a commitment to harmony, if only within yourself? Walk into the light and accept or offer a gesture of good faith.


Themes: focus, forward looking, possibilities, motivation

You may be looking at an uncertain future you don’t quite believe in. Perhaps recent setbacks have caused you to question what you’re doing and why–you have forgotten how to fly. You need to readjust the focus to remember your passion. Things have fallen apart so that you can get yourself together. This is your opportunity to start fresh. Make sure the messages you’re receiving are positive and the people within your environment support your dreams. You’ve earned your wings–just one strong gust of wind is needed for you to take flight.


Themes: healing, consolidation, reinvigoration, truth

The “elixir of life” is an alchemic preparation believed to prolong life indefinitely. Depending on the life you’re living, that could be either a blessing or a curse. Foxglove flowers also have both positive and negative symbolism in that they can heal or hurt. Current circumstances may have you believe that you must pick your poison as you stand tall to confront an insincerity on your part or that of others. Stop for a moment to breathe, and trust as you listen to your own heart beat in sync with the truth of the Universe. Events will conspire to heal a troubled heart or stop you dead in your tracks, but the choice is very clear–you must choose self above all else in order to survive.


Themes: power of nature, joy of life, diversity, beauty

Your dream may be to develop a project, create a beautiful home, a happy environment, or a loving family. And yet, the insecurity about whether you’ve been successful, worthy, or capable may be the trigger for negative self-talk or responses. The house pictured may represent your physical body, will, or way or being. Others may attempt to push your boundaries and manipulate you through fear or doubt–but only if you let them. Right now, the power of one small change can grow to make a huge difference in the transformation of your “space” be it mental, physical, or emotional.

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Image by Birgit Böllinger from Pixabay

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