All’s Fair in Love and War|Juno in Libra

Asteroid Juno entered the sign of Libra back in early November 2019. She’ll retrograde in February 2020 and then move direct in May. If you’re not familiar, Juno is the regal queen of Roman mythology, goddess of marriage and childbirth, not to mention wife of Jupiter, who was perpetually pissed (and often with good reason). Her jealousy and vindictive behavior was stoked by Jupiter’s incessant infidelity, yet she remained staunchly loyal to her husband in spite of his numerous affairs. Among her divine duties as deity was her role as protector of legally-married women. Interestingly enough, she also presided as the guardian of funds. Hmmm…

Juno’s placement in a chart indicates the type of partner one is drawn to, the type of relationship desired, and the basis of compatibility. More than any other sign, her placement in Libra may contribute to the inclination to partner because of social status or appearance.

Somewhat fickle by nature, Libra is impressed with any prospect who can present well-bred attractiveness and provide a well-heeled address to boot–say, the acquisition of a luxury loft in SoHo as well as the requisite summer residence in the Hamptons. The trade off for this perceived entitlement is the danger of becoming owned as just another piece of property. Being the “trophy” spouse is blindly endorsed and accepted because of the exponential amount of status and reward offered in return for subservience. After all, so much innate gentility, grace, and charm should be showcased in the trappings of aristocracy, even if the marriage is one of convenience. Who said love don’t cost a thing? Consequently, there’s the tendency for the Libra Juno to lose her identity through the suppression of her own needs and desires. Here, she may be willing to look the other way as long as she can maintain her “rightful place” in the social sphere–position over partnership.

The flip side to this can be a no-holds-barred demand for equality in relationships. Any imbalance in the exchange or double-standard imposed can be cause for rage and revenge. Positively, it means that Juno is finally willing to fight the source of her subjugation where she has experienced unfairness, victimization, or repeated violations of trust and acquiesced simply for the sake of relationship.

It’s noteworthy that her husband, Jupiter, is now transiting the authoritarian sign of Capricorn (in his fall, I might mention)–a sign that squares Libra causing friction and tension between the two. God forbid should the carefully crafted veneer of social standards and decorum crack. Broken love affairs, or fears of unfaithfulness or rejection can stir up painful experiences and a possible uptick in “crimes of passion.” Additionally, the cold and calculating plot for wealth, prestige, and influence may be pursued at any cost.

To that end, while Juno is transiting the sign of Libra, you may seek partners who can offer not only romantic interludes, but also stimulating intellectual exchanges. Your desire is to be pampered and pleased, both cerebrally and materially. You prefer someone who’s willing to work diplomatically through contentious issues in the spirit of cooperation while recognizing and respecting your individuality. You’ll demand accountability and won’t stand for being humiliated, embarrassed, or treated less than an equal in the decisions. In some cases, you might find yourself dealing with unfinished business, settling old debts, and fighting to right the scales of an injustice.

Is there currently a disparity in power or recognition in your relationship? Who’s in control, and is it fair? If you know the natal house placement for Libra in your chart, combine the interpretation with your sun sign. Look for breaches in these areas that trigger you to retaliate or stand up for yourself. Be aware of where you’re prone to sell out or where your efforts to strike back can turn petty.

Aries|7th House – You’re learning the value of exchanges with others including representative agents, competitors, and opponents. You may be involved in arbitration, negotiations, or dealings with the law. Your partnerships, both personally and professionally, can become a battleground when you feel you have to surrender your power when faced with win/lose propositions. However, it may be necessary to accommodate change for a partner or adjust to loss due to an alliance. You may decide to forge cooperative associations related to art, design, luxury, or public relations.

Taurus|6th House – The partnerships in focus are directly related to your daily affairs, work, or health. Criticism is possible regarding the efficacy of routines, practical concerns, and duty to others. How much you’re willing to give in service rather than as servant could be an issue of struggle. You may decide to forge cooperative associations related to domestic responsibilities, health and fitness; technical, detail-oriented, or painstaking work; or government service.

Gemini|5th House – The quality of your relationships are a result of self-expression, creativity, or connection to children. The desire is to be central in situations that support developing talents and personal enjoyment. Friction can occur through issues surrounding artistic expression, self-employment, child-rearing, love affairs, casual sexual encounters, and risk-taking. The fight is to keep what you’ve created from being compromised by others. You may decide to forge cooperative associations related to arts and recreation, financial investments, hobbies, and romance.

Cancer|4th House – Committed relationships that provide safety and security will link to home, family life, and property. Tensions can arise through issues of the past, ancestry, parental concerns, and the sustenance (emotional or physical) provided through the domestic environment. You may decide to forge cooperative associations related to food, land, care-giving, ancestry, or domestic concerns.

Leo|3rd House – Important relationships are centered on communication, learning, and exchanges with those in your surroundings. Frustration may be triggered around the validity of information you deliver or receive, especially concerning contracts or agreements. This could manifest through gossip, rumors, and interactions with neighbors or acquaintances. The strain of restoring balance involving errands, accidents, transportation, and your adaptive responses to hectic situations may be at the core of quarrels. You may decide to forge cooperative associations related to any form of communication, paperwork, commerce, or transport.

Virgo|2nd House – Your best relationships tie to a strong value system and reinforce your sense of self-worth. Problematic situations can occur over debts, the management of resources, and anything that poses a threat to your earning capacity and financial standing. As a result, you may be at odds with others in regard to how obligations should be met. You may decide to forge cooperative associations related to developing a talent, material acquisition, banking, agriculture, or the arts.

Libra|1st House – The alliances that interest you most are the ones you initiate toward self-development. Challenges center around your physical body or coping mechanisms that determine how you go after what you want. The ability to maintain or restore balance in support of the body or body image may be a source of stress. Who you are and how you are seen as a partner is interrelated with how you view self. You may decide to forge cooperative associations related to physical strength, athleticism, personal development, law enforcement, child birth, or performance.

Scorpio|12th House – Your relationships need to sustain soul growth and spiritual evolution. It’s likely that these entanglements are karmic connections where lessons, debts, or transformation must occur. Dissatisfaction can arise through hidden, delayed, illegal, or behind-the-scenes situations that force you to resolve unconscious psychological patterns and self-sabotage. Strife may be the result of misplaced compassion or the lack thereof. You may decide to forge cooperative associations related to divinity, large institutions, hospitals, prisons, or rehabilitation.

Sagittarius|11th House – The relationships that maintain the spirit of friendship while also utilizing the group dynamic in support of dreams and goals are highlighted. You may be networking with visionary progressives who care about the world we live in, but complications crop up when rebellion turns rogue. Your difficulties with others may center on how or what to contribute to society. You may decide to forge cooperative associations related to astrology, humanitarianism, science, technology, counseling, social activism, and groups or associations.

Capricorn|10th House – Relationships are under scrutiny that catapult you into success or place you in the public eye. These partnerships are formed through ambitions for authority in your role as parent or professional. Connections are the catalyst for conflict when they block the impetus for generating material wealth or recognition as a leader. You may decide to forge cooperative associations related to corporate leadership, government officials, the court system, parenting, publicity, or dealings with influential persons.

Aquarius|9th House – You’re interested in relationships that open your mind and challenge your views. These partnerships may involve foreigners or persons whose background vastly differs from yours. You may use these connections as a means to expand your consciousness through higher learning, religion, philosophy, or law. At issue is the need to speak truth while also being tolerant and respectful of the boundaries of those with opposing perspectives that make you uncomfortable. You may decide to forge cooperative associations related to foreigners, social media, publishing, broadcasting, advertising, educational or religious institutions, or law.

Pisces|8th House – You need to be able to invest in a union where shared resources provide the bond for deepening an alliance. Collaborations may revolve around debt, taboo subjects, or crisis situations that provide psychological breakthroughs regarding the value systems of others. Intimate involvement is capable of creating profound transformation. Power plays or sexually charged scenarios are the backdrop for manipulation or underhanded behavior. You may decide to forge cooperative associations related to psychology, the occult, finances, recycling, detectives, insurance, legacies or liabilities.

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