Shooting it Straight – Water Signs|Dec 2-6, 2019

Here’s a heads-up on the challenge or obstacle you’re likely to face in your love relationship this week (problem) and what’s at the root of it (action). The advice is irreverent, a bit cheeky, unfiltered and admittedly brazen. The message is putting either you or your partner on notice. You know who you are! If you’re offended by the truth or strong language–stop here.


One of you just can’t seem to break the mold or you’re breaking all the rules. Keep in mind that it’s possible to limit yourself when following extremes of either staying ensconced within your safety zone of comfortable dogma or going to excessive lengths not to conform. Histrionic hissy fits could become a way of being when either of you feels emotionally insecure about your doctrines being challenged. There’s likely to be accusations of not delivering as promised financially or emotionally, especially if one of you doesn’t know when to stop spending or when to stop working. You’ll need to break with the tradition of what you’ve been doing thus far if you’re interested in regaining the stability of commitment. It could mean exploring avenues that lead not only to a more secure future, but also creating more time to build on your relationship.

And what is it that either of you may need to know but don’t really want to hear?

Make or break.


I’m keeping a record of every time you f#% up. And it’s a long one. Perhaps there’s a history of arguing, confrontation, or break-ups. A short fuse means that one of you can suddenly blow up, blurt out, and blow off steam in ways where the fallout is difficult to recover from. These disputes can run the gamut from property issues, marital conflict, or family problems that largely focus on money and security. However, there IS a breakthrough where one of you realizes that you may not be standing on solid ground. A belief system built on a faulty foundation is sure to come tumbling down along with the possibility for crisis, separation, or unwanted change. When the smoke clears and everything is exposed, it gets real. A radical shift takes place that affects the long term.

And what is it that either of you may need to know but don’t really want to hear?

Terror firma.


Is this the best environment for a partnership? There’s the desire to be “the chosen one,” but one bite of that apple could impart the knowledge that this isn’t exactly the Garden of Eden. You may feel naked and vulnerable, especially if there’s been temptation and you aren’t first choice. A culture clash, difference of doctrine, or a gap in the goals could test your enthusiasm for this union or inspire you to look elsewhere. Perhaps you need to honestly assess whether a relationship is worthy of a second chance or if it’s reached a natural conclusion. Maybe the physical connection is out of this world and you can’t seem to let go, but until one of you becomes more discerning about what to say yes or no to, either of you will be frustrated about the lack of commitment and the resistance to change. If one of you is torn between two lovers, it’s doubtful the choice will allow for the best of both worlds.

And what is it that either of you may need to know but don’t really want to hear?

World-class lover.

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[Deck: Touchstone Tarot|Kat Black|Kunati, Inc.]

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