Love Notes: Weekend Nov 29-Dec 1, 2019

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: Secrets or hidden information you’re not privy to or that you’re keeping from others needs to be exposed. This could be at the center of attempting to reconcile with a partner over indiscretions that have come to light and trying to make peace with the past. As a result, you may be involved in counseling, therapy, or working out new terms for the relationship. For others there are secret meetings, reunions, or activity that takes place behind the scenes. The objective may be to make up or fall in love again.


  • Enjoyment through karmic circumstances or connection
  • Time out due to karmic situation
  • Letting loose creates karma
  • Not taking karma seriously
  • Learning karmic lesson, paying karmic debt, or spiritual evolution through experience orchestrated by the Universe
  • Enjoying a karmic relationship that has lasted through many incarnations
  • Right place/right time
  • Providence plays a role; divine intervention


  • Consideration of long-term relationship
  • Relationship with someone much older who is likely to be more established financially; May-December romance
  • Contemplating relationship with someone you’ve known for a long time
  • Older couple; anniversary; parents
  • Taking stock of ancestry, heritage, history
  • Getting or giving advice due to age and experience; wisdom
  • Weighing options; experience assists in making alliances
  • Need for time out due to history of relationship
  • Trying to determine whether relationship will improve over time


  • Presenting a false face in relationship
  • Giving advice related to secret agenda or ulterior motive
  • Solving a problem created through falsity
  • Realizing that someone is very different than the attractive presentation
  • Need to take a leadership role to deal with negative situation
  • Person acting under pretense of having your best interest at heart
  • False friend, gossip, liar, opportunist, player, impostor, con
  • Deceit or untruth coming to light


  • Walking away from third party relationships for solitude
  • Ending up alone because of extra-marital affair
  • Seeking sanctuary in the aftermath of a love triangle
  • Mulling things over about whether to leave a lover
  • Not getting attention–trying to re-energize relationship
  • Need for rest and withdrawal due to outside interference


  • Either moving toward or moving on from commitment
  • Focus on marriage
  • Motivated or driven to establish as a formal couple or partners
  • Following a plan that leads to marriage; wedding plans
  • Need for orientation; trying to figure out where relationship is headed
  • Moving on from someone who is already married or committed
  • Aimlessness; relationship without commitment
  • Traveling to a wedding


  • The right time to act on your aspirations
  • Determining the right time through dream guidance
  • Traveling through time–astral travel, lucid dreaming
  • Time to dream–Universe is working to unfold situation in time frame that will provide maximum experience
  • Being unrealistic about the timing
  • Need to trust that all things happen at time they are meant to occur
  • Time to go deep within
  • Survival instincts–time to protect body and spirit
  • Perfect timing


  • Underlying message about what’s fair
  • Revelations from hidden sources concerning legal situation
  • Need for contemplation–weighing options; choices
  • Making important decision through inner listening or spirit messages
  • Determining what’s fair regarding responsibilities, liabilities, or assets
  • Working on agreement for equitable resolution; contracts; negotiations
  • Self-awareness in relation to integrity; justice; adjustments
  • Balancing personal and professional life; balanced partnership
  • Subtlety in dialogue–maintaining equilibrium
  • Choosing between two partners; dual opportunities


  • Release the old to give birth to the new; letting go of the past
  • Good news concerning birth, conception, fertility; new baby in the home
  • Celebration related to adoption, trying to conceive, or a birth (child or project); fertile period
  • Open doors–initial stages
  • Baby announcement, shower; birthday celebration
  • New car
  • Possible travel in relation to something new
  • Doing something new–exercise, movement, relaxation


  • Private ceremony; intimate wedding
  • Revealing private information; need for discretion
  • Taking a closer look–getting to know someone better
  • Looking behind the facade–individual difficult to know and very private
  • Keeping something to yourself
  • Doing something clever and unexpected to solve a problem
  • Magic behind closed doors; you and partner may need to spend time alone together


  • Confidence that friendship has potential to turn romantic
  • Self-expression about taking things slowly by growing friendship before getting romantically involved
  • Creative collaborations
  • Letting yourself shine and meeting a new acquaintance as a result
  • May meet a partner through a friend
  • Too much focus on getting the spotlight interferes with friendship–being oblivious or self-absorbed
  • May need to be more of a friend to a partner during a difficult time
  • Recognition of friendship
  • Sparkling personality attracts friends
  • Famous, prominent, or well-connected friends


  • Romantic hotel or retreat; romantic getaway; honeymoon
  • Fearlessly taking action–sexual prowess; high self-esteem
  • Coming on too strong–need for balance and grounding
  • Powerful magnetism–relationship deepening in ways that may lead to greater physical and emotional intimacy
  • Treatment for sexual issues
  • Sanctuary of private quarters
  • Strength to be soft or vulnerable


  • Fears or illusions surrounding seduction; need to acknowledge fears
  • Dancing with the devil–playing the role of seducer or seduced
  • Hidden aspects of self or a situation–hidden, secret, or clandestine affair
  • Shadow behavior–sexual manipulation; temptation
  • You find new person intriguing; heavy flirtation; sexual innuendos
  • Someone waiting in the shadows
  • Social media stalking

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