Love Notes: Weekend Nov 1-3, 2019

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: A self check-in takes place this weekend. You no longer wish to operate under any false illusions about who you are. Confident self-expression in no uncertain terms suggests you’ve grown more comfortable, both with self and with others. Positively, this self-assurance can thrust you or your creativity into the spotlight. Negatively, perhaps you don’t really recognize yourself. That can mean delusional ideas of stardom or becoming so oblivious to how others see you that you fail to observe concern for appearance or decorum. As a result, you become the center of attention in a way that’s not at all a good look.


  • Discernment about the future or path
  • Wearing a game face regarding the future or a future relationship
  • Seeking a deeper truth concerning long-range plans
  • Hiding true self about planning future together as a couple
  • Need to look under the surface for the truth
  • Making plans for a road trip


  • Lack of faith in taking a new direction
  • Lack of receptivity due to different spiritual values
  • Listening to intuition regarding false sense of rightness
  • One of you may view partner as savior or guru
  • Conflicting faith negatively impacts relationship
  • Questioning opportunity because of dogmatism or stringent belief system
  • Belief in the inability to break from self-imposed bondage


  • Passionate seduction
  • Thinking of how to seduce; playing the role of seduced or seducer; weighing options
  • You find new person intriguing; taking stock
  • Anger OR passion regarding hidden affair, sexual innuendos, or temptation
  • Getting advice about issues of passion and seduction
  • Heavy flirtation, secret or clandestine affair
  • Not taking flirtation seriously
  • Contemplating importance of seduction in the relationship
  • Need for a time out to express passion OR need for time out from sexual engagement


  • Time to acknowledge fears or illusions about a situation
  • Hidden aspects of self or situation–trust that all things happen at the time meant to occur–the Universe is at work
  • Time to act–may need to take a risk
  • Perfect timing
  • Universe orchestrating experience in the appropriate time frame


  • Receiving or extending an invitation to a home
  • Socializing with family or in happy home situation
  • Opportunity related to purchasing a home, new property, setting up house, redecorating, or moving
  • Need for community or to get out of your shell–gathering with others
  • Budding romance or new friend may lead to moving in together
  • Domestic affairs, property matters, neighborhood


  • Awareness of anger triggers; self-awareness
  • Subliminal messages delivered through sarcasm or sharp words
  • Revelations from hidden sources make you angry
  • Revelation about or through a heated discussion
  • Angry message; arguments, disagreements; winning at all costs
  • Under attack; disturbance
  • Need for contemplation, inner listening, spirit messages regarding how to deal with discord
  • Difficulty in communicating
  • Negative thinking


  • Attainment through the release of ego; time to stop struggling; acceptance of what is
  • Humiliation or embarrassment with regard to success
  • Recognition of putting the needs of others ahead of personal desires
  • Willingness to apologize
  • Modesty; self-deprecating behavior


  • Decision made regarding a trip, holiday, or long distance relationship
  • May need to go the distance with partner in difficult situation
  • Going the distance to seek harmony, peace; change in the wind
  • Decision about making the first move
  • Sudden take off–things falling into place; end of a struggle
  • Whirlwind relationship (may have started as friends)


  • Keeping beliefs private; need for discretion
  • Hidden influence; influencing others
  • Enchantment with spending time alone with partner
  • Working behind closed doors to bring ideas to life; attracting what you desire
  • Closed off; illusions, need to take steps
  • May encounter individual who is difficult to know and very private


  • Abundant messages or messages about abundance; gratitude
  • Message concerning a shift in scarcity consciousness
  • Reaping the fruits of your effort through a message
  • You will soon receive or send a love message
  • Love letter, card or sentiment; thank you note
  • Written invitations, text message, email, phone call
  • Wedding announcement
  • Hearing from someone; making contact
  • Lots of writing, correspondence, paperwork


  • Growing up; need for change
  • Children are impacting the relationship
  • Opportunity for change; something new; embracing new self-identity
  • Following a childhood dream
  • May be involved with someone from childhood
  • Dating someone younger
  • Transformation through remembering child-like exuberance; playful interactions


  • Exploring new perspectives; need to try something new
  • Thoughts on travel; expansion
  • Need for change in perspective regarding relationship
  • Pushing boundaries; some truth becomes glaringly obvious as time goes on
  • Preference for seeing only the more positive aspects of another person or situation

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