Shooting it Straight – Earth Signs|November 4-8, 2019

Here’s a heads-up on the challenge or obstacle you’re likely to face in your love relationship this week (problem) and what’s at the root of it (action). The advice is irreverent, a bit cheeky, unfiltered and admittedly brazen. The message is putting either you or your partner on notice. You know who you are! If you’re offended by the truth or strong language–stop here.


The ability to communicate is key to how quickly a situation unfolds and how well you have the ability to navigate it. Events are likely to move with a swiftness in the direction you desire or push you toward an impulsive or risky decision that could provoke a negative consequence. Someone’s impatience has the possibility for undermining an important goal or just wasting time. Either of you could be falling in love or in love with an opening to manipulate or gain. That’s why trust will be central to discussions where you expect some measure of recognition. The real magic begins when you can both see things clearly for what they are.

And what is it that either of you may need to know but don’t really want to hear?

Poof. And this could all be gone.


There have been a few ups and downs that have given you pause. You may be considering age, education, or the need for space and distance that allows you to maintain emotional or physical well being. You’ve gained life experience through enduring the shortfall while juggling situations that have taken you for a ride. You’re waiting for information to make a decision and biding your time. Perhaps you’re having to reassess the available opportunities and a change in environment because your voice has not been heard–until now. Unfortunately, self-awareness may come through uncomfortable exchanges that shed light on what you know and what you don’t. Expect the gift of wisdom to show up through a confrontation with self, but ride the wave of emotion knowing you’re protected.

And what is it that either of you may need to know but don’t really want to hear?

The age of enlightenment.


Struggling to find answers? They could elude you once either of you start looking at the frailties and flaws of a partner who’s prone to argument. It may begin to dawn on either of you that you’re linked to someone who’s immature, irresponsible, and causing all manner of problems due to an arrogant need for competition and struggles with ego. Someone’s good at intellect, but sucks in the emotional or romantic sphere. Consequently, one of you is easily baited by misleading communication and exaggerated intentions that leave you frustrated due to unfulfilled expectations. But things are unnecessarily difficult only because one of you can’t seem to make a decision or deal with your anger. It took a long time to build Rome, but only seven days to burn it down. You can keep trying to solve every problem known to man if you like, but you’ll burn yourself out before those solutions arrive. Conversations can light the fire.

And what is it that either of you may need to know but don’t really want to hear?

Think tantra, not tantrum.

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[Deck: Ancient Italian Tarot| Lo Scarabeo, Torino]

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