Love Lessons – October 2019

Look at this month’s reading to find out what’s really behind the intrigue, seduction, hurt, wounds, and/or emotional exchanges between you and those nearest and dearest in the eternal search for love. You may not immediately recognize the messages, but gradually as the month unfolds, you may come to a better understanding of the lessons involved. Be sure to view your sun, moon, and rising signs for additional perspective.


Themes: Innocence, joy of play, wonder

Remembering why you came together in the first place reminds you why you still need to put forth effort right now. It’s a conscious choice to love and see the best in others. The sea witch is a magical creature endowed with the power to change the wind and the weather. She can also find the treasure lost in a shipwreck. Sit with that thought.


Themes: Nurture, motherhood, protector, incubation

You may feel very protective of self and others. This is a fertile period of creativity in preparation for something you’re giving birth to. Be mindful of what sits in incubation waiting to hatch. Your maternal instincts give you the strength to provide a soft place to fall. Feather your nest with love.


Themes: Innocence, joy of play, wonder

A chapter is closing in your world, and while this period may feel unsettling, challenging, and even sad, you’ve completed an important cycle. In the mythology of the sea witch, offending her or refusing to acknowledge her power could result in the destruction of a ship. This was never meant to last–there’s a sea change taking place. The sea witch can also bring ashore that which has drowned so that a proper burial can take place.


Themes: Uncertainty, fear, worries, decisions to be made, follow your instincts

There are two sides to every coin. You’ve got some experience under your belt–enough to know the real deal when you see it. In fact, it could be as obvious as day and night. On the other hand, maybe a special someone is all you think about when you rise in the morning until the still and quiet hours of the night. When you look at love, what do you see? You’ll need to accept both the shadow and the light.


Themes: Choices, confidence, letting go, self-determination

Don’t be so hard on yourself. When you learn to love yourself more, you’ll find the peace that sets you free. It means making the difficult decisions that are yours alone to make about the life you imagine. Discover the self-imposed limitations that keep you bound in exile from living out the possibilities of your dreams. Remember, you’re made of stardust and you’ll always be a star.


Themes: Choices, confidence, letting go, self-determination

You’ll have to forgive–not for them, but for you, especially if you hope to free yourself and find peace. It’s time to liberate yourself from cages, both internal and external. The only blockages are those you’ve created. You’re now being divinely guided to release them.


Themes: Innovation, transformation, growth, release

Change can be a painful experience, yet necessary for growth. Perhaps it’s time to surrender to the unknown in order to know yourself better. In doing so, you may drift, but you will never lose yourself. The transformation you’re now facing is not better or worse, merely different. Give in and release your fear of letting go–whether it is a circumstance, a relationship, or a wall you’ve built.


Themes: Hope, beacon, solution, beginnings

Even when we’re in danger of losing our way, we still want to be loved. In spite of the darkness, it’s that beacon of hope that provides the light to illuminate the path. Perhaps you don’t know how you feel just yet, but there are solutions at hand and new beginnings on the horizon. You just need to believe.


Themes: Loneliness, cry for help, communication

You might feel as if you’re drowning in a sea of emotion with no sight of shore. What you may not realize is that you hold within your hand a trumpet that can open the lines of supportive communication–you need only ask. Trumpets denote power while symbolizing a call to action and the announcement of strength to do battle. As it also represents a bridge between this world and that of Spirit, when the call is answered, be open to a different vantage point.


Themes: Believe in yourself, solutions, creativity

Maybe it’s time to step out of that ivory tower you’ve been living in and reconnect to love and family. Elephants are gentle creatures that show great care toward the herd, their offspring, and their elders. Likewise, you may be in a position to offer support to those in your life who are struggling for survival. Your strength, trust, and compassion allows you to reconnect with the sacred feminine to protect the weak and the lost. The key is just within reach–use your keen mind and memory to grab it.


Themes: Memories, nostalgia, recognition

You can still make wishes and still believe in dreams. In fact, you should if you expect your deepest desires to come true. Perhaps you are thinking of happier times in the past–loved ones and important experiences you shared. And while you cannot go back in time, these memories are the fuel for your future. Let them inspire you to become your very best and most loving self.


Themes: Innocence, joy of play, wonder

What you manifest now depends on your intention. The fabled sea witch has the power to rule wind, weather, and water and her magical rope assisted sailors at sea. The first knot yielded a gentle, southeasterly breeze, two knots, a strong northerly wind, but the third knot could unleash a hurricane. What’s the weather in your world and can you make it rain?

Decks: Oracle of Mystical Moments by Catrin Welz-Stein|U.S. Games Systems, Inc. and Love is a Garden|The Alchemist Astrologer]

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