Love Notes: Weekend Oct 4-6

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: You might be considering new information or a change in perspective could take place regarding non-traditional relationships, especially those where there is a huge contrast in age, social status, beliefs, or interests and the awareness of how these differences can make a negative impact. Being in a dead relationship while living separate lives may provoke a review of whether a partnership has any real merit, or if the benefit of security is the only sustaining factor.


  • Disagreements regarding children, child-rearing, or parenting styles
  • Difficulties concerning children
  • Not accepting an invitation from childhood friend
  • Need for new community or to get out of your shell
  • Lack of opportunity to socialize
  • Nipping romantic relationship in the bud
  • Repercussions of someone being irresponsible and behaving like a spoiled child; immaturity
  • Custody battles


  • Lack of clarity about being left out in the cold
  • Rejecting advice; unable to solve problem
  • Relationship conflicts characterized by cold wars, silence, or aloofness
  • Need to take a leadership role regarding repressed emotions
  • Cooling off of relationship; loneliness
  • Acting chilly toward others; lack of emotional warmth or depth in connection; failure to initiate
  • Need to solve problems related to sexual frigidity, lack of libido, or impotence


  • Inability to maintain emotional balance about feeling trapped
  • Unable to successfully juggle situations due to restraints
  • Lack of balance or harmony between work and personal life
  • Difficulty coming to terms that a partner needs greater freedom
  • Situation hindering you from sharing, expressing, or making the most of your best self
  • Loss of equilibrium when uncomfortable changes occur
  • Relationship never fully develops
  • Skewed emotions due to trying to change the partner into the ideal


  • History of infidelity; memories of love triangle
  • Spirit messengers
  • Third party interference related to family
  • Three people in this relationship
  • Mourning someone from the group; letting go of “the other”
  • Sadness due to various suitors vying for attention; love triangle
  • One person catered to by multiple partners


  • Trust in the future; planning a future together as a couple
  • Feeling protected on the road; planning a road trip; being cautious when traveling
  • Intuition about support from others
  • Belief in self creates the future; long-range plans; looking ahead
  • Recognizing vulnerability related to the future
  • Trust that relationship is in the distant future
  • Future of relationship depends on level of trust


  • Breakthrough related to a promise
  • Inspired to propose; an engagement to be married; unions that are legally binding
  • Something takes off related to an agreement or contract
  • Sudden inspiration or insight leads to agreement
  • Unexpected visitor or news related to offer or social engagement
  • Commitment, obligation, or undertaking
  • Need to avoid impulsiveness regarding commitment


  • Awakening to desire; sexual innuendos; heavy flirtation
  • Seduced by nature
  • Recognizing sacredness of passion between two people
  • Playing the role of seducer or seduced; temptation
  • You find new person intriguing
  • Secret, hidden, or clandestine affair
  • Need to keep desires in check; need for grounding
  • Aligning with Spirit to bring what you desire


  • Complications as a result of desires or temptation toward someone/thing
  • Complexities that interfere with ease and flow of relationship–i.e. third parties, children/partners from previous relationship, office romance, extra-marital affairs, conflicting belief systems, health challenges, etc.
  • Complications that result from unexpected encounters
  • Misunderstandings (may center on seduction)
  • Thwarted desires due to complications
  • Difficulty finding your way through a situation


  • Confident that something isn’t right for you–not the one
  • Not confident in the spotlight–need for self-appreciation, love
  • Recognition of a misjudgment–what appeared to be the perfect partner is less than ideal
  • Unrealistic projections onto partner
  • Unrealized expectations may affect confidence; feeling like luck is not there
  • Not valuing self


  • Family secrets; secret memories
  • Secretly nostalgic; reveling in the past
  • Secrets due to past influences
  • Someone keeping secrets; element of relationship clandestine, hidden
  • Being discreet is important due to circumstances
  • Difficulty moving on from a secret
  • Inability to read the emotions


  • It’s time to be receptive to something that would improve your luck; time to act
  • Something is blocked by Divine order; time to stop running after illusions
  • Time to open to opportunity; new direction
  • Listening to your intuition about whether the time is right
  • A need to trust that all things are happening in the time they are meant to occur
  • Universe is working to unfold a situation in a time frame that is best for your ultimate experience
  • Perfect timing


  • Messages concerning property or real estate
  • Revelations from hidden sources concerning wealth or power
  • Spirit messengers from ancestral history
  • You/partner may come from family dynasty with a great deal of power, wealth, or influence
  • Old money; historical wealth–inheritance, investments, assets, royalties
  • Self-awareness due to the past or regarding assets; need for contemplation or inner listening
  • Arranged marriage; staying within perceived elevated status when dating
  • Traditional values; conservatism
  • Dealings with powerful individuals

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Decks: Romantic Love Oracle|The Alchemist Astrologer and The Romance Angels Oracle|Doreen Virtue|Hay House, Inc. ; Image: The Love Letter, early 1670s, Jacob Ochtervelt

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