Love Notes: Weekend May 31 – June 2

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: There is a call to action related to your hopes and dreams. Serendipitous events can create situations that connect to your secret crush or an admirer of yours. Fortunate circumstances arrive through an unexpected gift or opportunity and the results may surprise and astound you.


  • Perfect time to demonstrate gratitude
  • Time to connect with nature
  • Need to trust that divine timing is at work unfolding a situation in time frame that provides optimum experience
  • Perfect timing creates abundance
  • Time to act–shift away from scarcity consciousness


  • Strength of difficulty; fortitude through complicated situations
  • High self esteem either creates or helps to overcome challenges
  • Fearlessly taking action to deal with complexities
  • Need for balance, grounding due to difficult circumstances
  • Difficulties that interfere with flow of relationship–i.e. third parties, children/parnters from previous relationships, office romance, extra-marital affair, health challenge, etc.
  • Difficulty finding your way through situation; misunderstandings


  • Solitude–circumstances prevent love at this time
  • Mulling things over, inner listening due to lack of prospective partners; seeking sanctuary
  • Putting prospect of new love aside due to need for rest, withdrawal
  • Attempts to re-energize romantic situation


  • Putting it “out there” related to the past
  • Need to tread lightly with regard to something from a long time ago
  • Taking a risk–may be dealing with an ex or old lover from your past
  • Past conditioning affecting your relationship
  • Happiness, laughter, enjoyment related to someone from your past
  • Unfinished business; past life relationship
  • Continuation of relationship from past incarnation


  • Celebration in the release of circumstance; release of good news
  • Ending or transformation results in completely different circumstances
  • Changes through possible travel
  • Profound and unsettling change through intense situations; inevitability
  • Need for movement, exercise, letting loose
  • Open doors–may connect to large sums of money, travel, celebration, sexuality


  • Pleasant memories related to places you’ve visited–possibly Europe
  • Starting a journey to create memories together
  • Freedom from nostalgia of the past; new horizons
  • Taking off with OR because of reappearance of old love
  • Running away from memories or sentimentality
  • Memories of pleasant shared experiences influence relationship; warm feelings take off


  • Trying to find out about pregnancy, birth, conception or fertility
  • Overwhelmed by new baby in the home; hoping for a baby; adoption
  • Believing in your dreams–fertile period
  • Sorting out fiction from reality regarding starting something new
  • Dream/vision for baby announcement, shower
  • Initial stages–creating magical reality


  • Expression through writing
  • Message about doing what you love; expressing joy
  • Need to release something you’ve been repressing
  • You will soon receive or send love message, love letter, card, sentiment
  • Written invitation, letter, text, email, phone call
  • Hearing from someone; making contact
  • Wedding announcement


  • Strong chemistry with someone in the future; possibility for attraction
  • Expensive perfume (costs a fortune)
  • Chemistry with a “new age” person
  • Manifesting a connection with your thoughts; good fortune
  • Intense sexual chemistry; magnetism
  • Desire; physical attraction; sexual encounter
  • Need for clarity regarding strong attraction


  • Time to act regarding a broken heart
  • Broken-heart about trying to start something
  • Good timing in response to a broken heart
  • Need to take the initiative related to disappointment because of hurt, loss, betrayal, separation or break-up of relationship


  • Friendship; entertaining at home; celebrating; socializing; meeting with others at home
  • Collaborative efforts/partnership related to domestic affairs or property
  • Domestic bliss; happy home situation
  • You may be purchasing a home, new property, setting up house, redecorating, moving or moving in together
  • Need for home relaxation, playfulness


  • Holding back a revelation OR revelation of being trapped; new information
  • New perspective about a confining situation that prevents you from sharing, expressing or making the most of your best self
  • Self-awareness of what’s been bottled up inside
  • You/partner may need greater freedom; looking for an escape route
  • Relationship making one of you feel trapped and unable to progress; relationship never fully develops; uncomfortable changes
  • New perspective about trying to change the partner into the ideal
  • Need to think outside the box to free yourself

Decks: Romantic Love Oracle|Ursula Blanks and The Romance Angels Oracle|Doreen Virtue|Hay House, Inc.; Thumb Image: Shaira-Dela-Pena)

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