Love Notes: Weekend May 10-12

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying theme for all the signs: This weekend can lead to reconnecting with others under celebratory circumstances, although some may choose to opt out. It’s time to surrender to having fun and letting loose, perhaps for some long overdue and much-needed recreation. People may decide to give up the reins and let go of control or get lost in the moment and lose control when it comes to joking, drinking or socializing.


  • Lucky circumstances when you’re alone
  • The gift of solitude; restful sanctuary; withdrawal
  • Re-energized by a fortuitous stroke of luck
  • Pleasant unexpected encounter or surprise
  • Inner listening brings luck; wish fulfilled
  • Lucky opportunity brings meeting with person of interest


  • You can open the door to an unexpected gift or opportunity
  • Beneficial changes happen regarding hopes and dreams when you take the initiative
  • Results surpass expectations when you act on an opportunity
  • Need for action regarding opportunity


  • Love of travel; meeting your secret admirer or someone you admire when traveling
  • Pushing the boundaries–you/other reluctant to come forward
  • Need to try something new; someone interested that you hadn’t considered
  • Special someone may be unaware that they hold the key to your heart
  • Secret crush; someone watching you


  • Being unrealistic about sending a message or hearing from someone
  • Not acting on aspirations to make contact
  • Fantasy love message
  • Lack of clarity regarding invitation, letter, text, email or phone call


  • Disinterest or rejection related to travel or celebration
  • Rejecting an open door or good news; not responding to good news
  • Not getting enough exercise; lack of movement; unable to relax
  • Relationship not moving forward romantically; wrong love choice; incompatibility; lack of inclusion
  • One person investing more time and energy without a return; possibility of getting hurt


  • Karma as a result of passion; rushing into something
  • Karmic connection involving desire, love or lust
  • Karmic lesson or debt related to someone you once were or are passionate about
  • Karmic circumstances surrounding bliss or finding your passion
  • Fated connection; divine intervention
  • Reconnecting through many incarnations; soul mate situation


  • Desire to argue or arguments about your desires; desire to win at all costs
  • Disagreements that center on temptation towards someone/something; conflicting desires
  • Difficulty in communicating your desires; anger about thwarted desires; under attack
  • Negative thinking about issues surrounding seduction; arguing about sex
  • Sarcasm, sharpness of speech


  • Sexual encounter used as a means of power
  • Manifesting plans–sexual favors or manipulation
  • Need to take charge–lack or fear of intimacy
  • Withholding intimacy as a means of punishment
  • Difficulty in the bedroom; hotel booked


  • Maintaining emotional balance when dealing with bills, travel tickets, competition, or criticism; successful juggling
  • Trying to keep emotional perspective but having to pay a high price for relationship
  • Trading favors (sex, money, power)
  • Trying to align inner/outer circumstances–fear of change or commitment
  • Extreme competition in the workplace makes it difficult to maintain harmony
  • Balance required to avoid continuous warfare or one-upmanship
  • Trying to find balance when dealing with pride, narrowmindedness, resentments
  • Wearing a mask of balance in the face of inconsistent or unreliable speech/behavior; red flags


  • Trying to manifest something in secret; harnessing personal power
  • Element of relationship may be clandestine, secretive or hidden; choice between safety and passion
  • Focusing will–being discreet is important due to circumstances
  • Stuck in way of thinking due to inability to read emotions
  • Someone keeping secrets


  • Taking action related to travel plans; start of something
  • Need to take the initiative–relationship saddled with baggage from past conditioning–childhood, ego, past relationships
  • Time to act; packing your bags; good timing
  • Unresolved issues affect interactions; not letting go of old wounds and resentments
  • Positive or negative escapism
  • Acting in ways that help/hinder you from moving past chronic negative behaviors that damage or prevent relationship
  • Looking at relationships that form for the wrong reasons


  • Confidence through spending time alone with a partner
  • Recognition of certain individual who is difficult to know and very private
  • Keeping success private; success at keeping something private
  • Need for discretion
  • Confidence in maintaining privacy
  • Need for self-appreciation, love

(Decks: Romantic Love Oracle|Ursula Blanks and The Romance Angels Oracle|Doreen Virtue|Hay House, Inc.)

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