The Center of Attraction (Pick a Card)

Sometimes you’re lucky enough to establish a real connection with another person that will eventually lead to a romantic relationship with a promising future. At other times, the initial spark of attraction inexplicably burns out while burning up your self-confidence like a cheap cigar right along with it. What is it about rejection that we take so personally?

Rejection may have nothing at all or everything to do with you. Say, for example, you’ve just crossed paths with someone who is emotionally immature and incapable of sustaining an intimate relationship. You don’t see that and your first instinct is to blame yourself for why it didn’t work out. I’m not pretty enough. I don’t earn enough. I’m not sexy enough. I’m not this or that. I’m not enough. Their first instinct is to blame you too because–well–it’s certainly not their fault!

But it might be as plain and simple as–hey, you’ve met an $#*-hole. End of story. Well, not quite because the central question is always–why? The suggestion is that it’s time to examine the accountability for your role in this scenario. What is your belief system attracting? I know–it’s incredibly difficult to deal with the ego and accept that you’re operating on some weird vibrational frequency that invited this cretin to slither up to you in the first place. But trust me, somewhere along the way you’ve forgotten your fabulousness.

People can also enter your life to nudge you into awareness through a spiritual lesson that hopefully, you’ll grasp sooner rather than later. Rest assured you’ll be receiving extra homework until you do. A quick exit can mean that this was their sole purpose. Astrologically speaking, you arrived here on earth with a life map and a soul destination in mind. Sometimes it’s nothing personal when the compass points in other directions for each of you–a lasting relationship is just not on the schedule. Not in this lifetime anyway.

When you forget your own charted course, you can end up living out someone else’s agenda. How often have you found yourself moving forward in a relationship as a reactive response? You ended up as the “accidental girl/boyfriend” simply because someone was attracted to you, rather than you consciously considering if you were compatible? Hell, you might not have even wanted the relationship, you just went with it! Yeah, that sounds like a good idea–not.

On the other hand, there are times when a relationship seems to hold the seed of real possibility, but things go off the rails. Maybe you miss some important cues or a misunderstanding takes place. As a result, an emotional chasm develops and you’re left to your own mind-game devices to try and figure out what the hell happened. Doubt can plague you into endless questioning about what you could have done better or differently. And if you’re wondering whether or not the other person still cares, it probably means that communication has broken down.

Trust your intuition. No, not the subconscious loop that keeps playing that endless drone of inferiority messages. I’m talking about your natural radar–the one you’ve been consistently denying lately. So, if the question still begs an answer about where you’re headed with this person, watch the video below and decide for yourself.

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