Heart to Heart: Love Revolution

It is very human to wrestle with the eternal existential questions of existence and purpose on this wild planet. For years I’ve been passionate about both astrology and tarot devoting endless hours of study to refine my skills and grow my psychic gifts. From the very beginning of my initiation into the occult, I realized I had an innate talent for recognizing and understanding the hidden meaning behind symbolism which I wasn’t afraid to pair with a penchant for prediction. It felt necessary to further the journey as a spiritual healer and budding entrepreneur by diving headfirst into the deep ocean of mass media influencers, self-proclaimed authorities and twinkling star wanna-be’s. Like so many others, albeit grudgingly, I followed the formula de rigueur of blogging, vlogging, slogging, etc. and joining every social media group currently in vogue. It doesn’t take long to become a workaholic so consumed by the analytics–followers, likes, subscribers–that external validation becomes the endgame rather than the intended message. And speaking of a message, what was mine?

Hint: The most potent source of true alchemy lies within the power of intention. Without it, your goals are either destined for failure or will feel like it. Knowing why you want what you want is often a game-changer.

Surely if everyone has something to offer and they need only find the right platform to present it, I too must have something important to say. But if that’s true, I had begun to have a very bad case of laryngitis. It all started to feel rather hollow. I mean, aren’t there ten gazillion other sites that can tell you the movement of the planets? What would set me apart? I’ve always been utterly fascinated with the ability to foretell the future. While other astrologers/tarot readers hedged on issues of free will and whether or not events were written in stone, I took a perverse Promethean pride in holding my own feet to the fire to predict with confidence. But the goal was never to be a fortuneteller (not that there’s anything wrong with that). For me, it was always more important to understand the story behind the story. Why will this happen? What am I to do with this? How can I rise to this event? For me, without these answers, everything is reduced to nothing more than a card trick. Understandably, for those on a different spiritual path, that concept is all but lost in the novelty.

I became noticeably absent from my sites with plummeting numbers that served to underscore my temporal worth to the world at large. A kind of desperation set in along with the quiet resignation of dying a slow death (my brand, that is). And then… A funny thing happened–Uranus entered my sign.

Life started to shake up–the one that didn’t necessarily include Instagram. Other things started to matter. The need to feel and take pleasure in sensory delight was revived. The push toward creative risk heightened–I needed to be free. Life was playing out in 4K ultra high definition technicolor! I changed my hair color a number of times, became obsessed with eyeshadow palettes, and jewelry trinkets long ago relegated to the corner of a drawer were now considered a necessary wardrobe staple. (Never mind that I spend a great deal of time alone in yoga pants–this was a private party!) I found myself wanting to get back to interests I hadn’t pursued in years–gardening, calligraphy, painting. I became enchanted with land and the idea of owning a private country estate (which hasn’t happened…yet). The “Great Awakener” had turned me back on to beauty, love, and life.

In fact, I was beginning to find a purpose again and willing to take a risk whether anybody liked, shared, bought or subscribed. I’d spent years rolling my eyes while listening to friends and family complain about their relationships or the inability to find one. I watched young women make fatal errors that assured the love they so desperately wanted would disappear in one fell swipe with nothing tender about it. I read about men fumbling and afraid to even offer a compliment to a woman. I listened to the news with the realization that men and women no longer had any clear ideas about what the new rules or boundaries are. People had become confused about what it takes to attract and sustain love, or even what love is for that matter.

And with that, I suddenly changed my practice, my website and my message with the desire to create a love revolution. While I didn’t consciously consider it beforehand, I did have a good laugh after the fact at what a perfect description of Uranus in Taurus this is. But if you’re at all involved with the metaphysical, you quickly come to understand important life situations very often begin with a series of events that have everything to do with synchronicity.

As an example, I came across an old Robert Hand article that inspired me to explore the classical use of the whole house system in astrology. The results were equally interesting and unsettling–my personal narrative was changing. The Placidus fourth house sun that I had lived with for so long was now a sunny focal point in the fifth house of love and romance in this new system. With a Sun that sits right on top of Algol (I know, let’s not talk about it), it made sense that so many acquaintances seemed compelled to tell me their dreadful love stories. And in truth, my own life had played out through tumultuous and extraordinary love affairs. Ultimately, I found both house systems to be valid much like a camera using a different lens. But the bigger point is that Uranus has now entered this fifth house to revolutionize and free my creative self-expression and I’ve got a lot to say about love and the current state of affairs. Not everybody will like it, but I stopped looking at the numbers. Radical change is in order and I’m ready for the ride.

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