Love Notes: Weekend May 3-5

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: Some challenges may seem insurmountable, especially if your boundaries have been crossed. As a result, you may firmly put out the message that you are not interested in trying to reconcile or compromise. Perhaps it was audacious boldness or a risk that didn’t pan out that led to ending on a negative note and a parting of the ways. Even if you were resolutely in the right, you may still be coping with the residual effect of this experience. Should you hold out hope for a reconciliation, you’ll need to keep an open mind and be particularly careful in your approach to working out issues or coming to mutual terms as there are deep trust issues involved.


  • Rebirth of romance
  • Relationship undergoing positive transformation–new relationship or moving current one to the next level
  • Relationship may start again in new form; revitalization of relationship
  • Second chances; need to open to love
  • Relationship may reawaken desires and feelings you thought were dead; exhilaration
  • Making positive personal changes because of relationship
  • Coming out of isolation; re-entering the dating scene; social butterfly
  • Changing your appearance


  • Grief over an invitation; invitation that causes grief; invitation due to grief
  • Grief about an opportunity; unhappiness because of loss, disappointment or rejection
  • Socializing to get over your grief; new friend
  • Budding romance causes grief or helps you to overcome it
  • Need for community; get out of your shell as a way of dealing with grief
  • Emotional wounding; sadness due to betrayal, separation; not invited
  • Lack of response to overtures


  • Enchantment with a friendship
  • Friendship plays a role in bringing ideas to life
  • Attracting what you desire; friendship has potential of turning into romance
  • Influencing others to get what you desire
  • May meet partner through a friend; new acquaintance
  • Illusions concerning friendship–need to take steps
  • Taking things slowly by growing friendship before getting romantically involved
  • May need to be more of a friend to your partner during this time (dealing with difficulty)


  • Opportunity involving someone you share a strong attraction to
  • Possibilities of a sexual encounter; physical attraction
  • Passion, magnetism, desire–feeling lucky
  • Taking a risk due to intense sexual chemistry
  • Careful–chemistry overrides common sense


  • Confidence in luck
  • A fortuitous stroke of luck; wish fulfilled; success
  • Confidence boost; pleasant unexpected encounter or surprise; recognition
  • Riding high; lucky opportunity brings meeting with someone of interest
  • Luck through self-appreciation


  • Clarity about the past; getting clear about memories; reveling in the past
  • Gaining truth about past influences; clarity about difficulty moving on
  • Coming to clear understanding; light-bulb moment; hidden revealed
  • Interactions bring important issues to light (may involve family)


  • Control over your emotions; emotions related to control issues
  • Balancing emotions over who is in control
  • Control through successful juggling; work/life harmony; need for healthy balance
  • Controlling emotions in the face of domineering or aggressive behavior–excessively demanding
  • One partner taking on most of responsibility in relationship
  • Emotional balance needed–sense of entitlement
  • “Heavy is the head that wears the crown”


  • Old friends; long-term collaborations, partnership; someone you’ve known for a long time
  • Celebration of long relationship; anniversary; retirement; need for socializing
  • Older couple, parents, ancestry
  • Relationship with someone older or more established; May-December romance
  • Like-minded alliances built on experience, age or wisdom
  • Relationship improves over time


  • Decisions related to bills; comparison shipping; outbidding the competition
  • Decisions related to keeping score; tit-for-tat behavior; negative comparisons; resentments
  • Mental record of wrongs; red flags
  • Issues that center on unreliability, inconsistencies in speech or behavior, fear of change or commitment
  • Extreme competition; competition for love and affection is a factor
  • Trading favors (i.e. sex for money, power); power-plays
  • Extreme weighing of decisions


  • Issues surrounding a broken heart come to light
  • Giving advice about a broken heart
  • Solving a problem centering on disappointment due to hurt, loss, betrayal, separation or break-up of relationship
  • Broken-hearted about trying to initiate something
  • Need to take leadership role in overcoming broken heart


  • Listening to your inner voice or spirit guides leads to self-healing
  • Exploring your psyche allows you to work through issues of self-worth where you can now begin a healthy relationship
  • Need to seek direction or guidance on how to heal
  • Self-acceptance in spite of shortcomings


  • Unexpected news that’s been held back; unexpected encounter
  • Surprise at what’s been bottled up; keeping a surprise under wraps
  • Not showing your surprise at something
  • Blast from the past that may bring uncomfortable changes
  • Surprise at confining situation hindering you from sharing, expressing or making the most of your best self
  • Surprise that you/partner may need greater freedom; looking for an escape route
  • Need to open to new possibilities rather than trying to change partner into your ideal; relationship never fully develops

(Decks: Romantic Love Oracle|Ursula Blanks and The Romance Angels Oracle|Doreen Virtue|Hay House, Inc.)

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