Love Notes: Weekend March 1-3

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: You may be feeling hesitant because of trust issues concerning a new love or relationship. It could be that others don’t support this new relationship or perhaps the courtship has gotten off to a rocky start. It may be helpful to express your emotions about or to your partner regarding the vulnerabilities that you recognize in your connection that are compounded by personal insecurities. Part of the issue may be difficulty in trusting your intuition or how you feel due to a lack of confidence in self. This may stem from the disbelief that real love is a possibility or that you will meet or have met someone who holds potential for true partnership.


  • A sense of renewal through gaining control
  • Control over a new beginning; revitalization
  • Taking charge of healing
  • Control over thoughts–need for positive mindset
  • Control issues–excessive demands; domineering behavior; sense of entitlement


  • The key to your passion; following your bliss
  • Passionate about finding a solution; discovery of a clue; finding the answer
  • A solution to a difficulty or challenge is imminent
  • An opportunity or someone’s heart that was formerly closed may suddenly open for you (you may feel passion for this person or once did)
  • Unlocking a secret, mystery or enigma
  • Someone holds the key to your desires


  • Running away from or getting carried away with romance
  • Avoiding a date or invitation
  • Romance that doesn’t take off
  • Lack of action toward courtship or romantic gestures
  • Romantic gesture that doesn’t go over well


  • Lack of mutual happiness or enjoyment in relationship
  • Bold gesture ends in rejection; risk doesn’t pay off
  • Putting it out there about a lack of mutual feeling or attraction; disinterest
  • Relationship likely to remain platonic
  • Need to tread lightly–possibility of getting hurt
  • Wrong love choice; incompatibility; love has withered
  • Bold rejection; turned off by hubris
  • One person more heavily invested in relationship without return


  • Wearing a game face surrounding seduction–you/partner may find new person intriguing
  • Hiding true self–playing the role of seducer or seduced
  • Seeking deeper truth about hidden affair, temptation or sexual innuendos
  • Need to look under the surface for truth about secret or clandestine affair
  • Wearing a mask; in the dark about attraction
  • Trying to discern whether you/partner is seduced by someone/something (may be driven by insecurities)
  • Seduction is vital in maintaining passion in your relationship


  • Secret celebration; secrets surrounding possible travel
  • Good news kept hidden
  • Someone is keeping secrets; discretion needed due to circumstances
  • Inability to read emotions; need to release a secret
  • Element of relationship may be clandestine, secretive or hidden
  • Traveling in secret


  • Ego triggered surrounding issues of ancestry, heritage, the past
  • Ego creates ending or mourning; release of ego
  • Spirit messengers, intuition tells you that relationship needs mending
  • Self-righteousness or refusal to compromise; big head/small heart
  • Pride goeth before a fall; pride prevents one from taking action–too late–someone or something passing
  • Relationship hindered by arrogance, selfishness or ego


  • The strength of an argument; difficulty in communicating
  • Creative differences
  • Difficulty or disagreement involving children, creativity, romance or pets
  • Using power to win at all costs; under attack; use of force
  • Sharp tongue, criticism, negative thinking
  • Need for balance in power
  • Health issues
  • On the offense; fearlessly taking action
  • High self-esteem (yours/others) creates discord


  • Recognition of falsity; presenting false face in relationship
  • Wearing a mask about desire to have the spotlight or confidence level
  • Dumbing down
  • Secret agenda; ulterior motives; false expression
  • Someone may be very different from attractive veneer they present
  • Person acting in pretense and pretending to have your best interest at heart
  • False friend, gossip, liar, player, con, impostor
  • Opportunist vying for recognition or center of attention
  • Removing the mask to let yourself shine


  • Romantic gift or surprise
  • Fortunate stroke of luck connected to romance–results surpass expectations
  • Hopes and dreams tied to romance
  • Pleasant unexpected encounter or surprise, unexpected gift or opportunity related to romance
  • Lucky opportunity brings ab out meeting with someone of interest–could lead to romance
  • Wish fulfilled
  • Need to take action in romance


  • Relaxing with family; reveling in family environment; beautiful family
  • Pampering or being pampered by family; enjoying extended family
  • Shared family values are important to relationship
  • Creating family traditions; family celebration
  • Need to recognize the beauty of family
  • Desire to start a family
  • Choosing self over family; recognition of/from family


  • Opportunity for change through travel or those at a distance
  • Taking trip or vacation; holiday
  • Changes in a long-distance relationship
  • Following a dream; dreams take off; whirl-wind relationship
  • Embracing new self-identity may create distance with others
  • Need for change–making the first move
  • Change in the wind; transformation
  • May need to go the distance with your partner in a difficult situation

(Decks: Romantic Love Oracle|Ursula Blanks and The Romance Angels Oracle|Doreen Virtue|Hay House, Inc.)

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