Uranus enters Taurus

Uranus enters the base of its residency for the next seven years. A decided shift in values will take place over the next several years requiring your flexibility with regard to finances and possessions. At some point, you may pursue a career that heretofore you had not considered, especially if you are currently working a dead-end job. You may become more resourceful in ways to earn money and could be attracted to professions or sources of income that are out of the ordinary. This may manifest through careers involving technology, science or astrology. The “out of the blue” energy associated with Uranus can also instigate sudden changes in net worth in either direction. You may be more willing to speculate or take financial risks that will provide windfalls and gains or lead to failures and losses. If your attachment to “things” is holding your back, you may be forced to make radical and upsetting changes that allow for growth. However, you may decide to free yourself from the constraints of responsibility attached to the acquisition of material possessions.

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