Venus enters Aquarius

Frank Sinatra’s classic lyrics, “I did it my way,” could be the theme song of your life while Venus is in Aquarius. While you enjoy social contact and group activities, there is also a distinct detachment in your style of relating right now. Although friendships are important, there is a love of independence. Somewhat impersonal at this time, you’ll want alliances that offer greater leeway and more freedom. You may be willing to explore an unusual, unconventional or “progressive” approach to love where total commitment is not so important. With fewer restraints, you feel a sense of camaraderie to those with whom you engage that is easily reciprocated making this a good time to connect with friends as well as any situation requiring a group setting. There may be new associations and social affairs to attend in addition to an appreciation for modern, innovative art forms. An objective attitude can allow you to compromise without feeling the need to defend your personal stake in an issue. As a result, you may receive protection or benefits through some form of sponsorship.

(Image: Three Lovers, Theodore Gericault, Getty Center [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons)


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