Daily Tarot: Tower

“We must jump into the unknown to gain new insight.” Nicoletta Baumeister

We did this card last week and it probably hasn’t gotten any easier this go round. Something is aggressively agitating the status quo and calling it into question. Once again, it’s occurring unexpectedly and may be shaking you to the very core. Keep in mind, as difficult as it may be, that this karmic upheaval is working to liberate you from a less than stellar circumstance where you had sold yourself a false bill of goods. When the dust settles, you’re likely to know more and can thus make better choices that provide for your personal security. You may be actively striking out into uncharted territory with both excitement and trepidation or you could be hurtling kicking and screaming toward a tumultuously explosive situation. Either way, the change is unavoidable. Buckle up and try to overcome your fear of the rollercoaster ride. Don’t fight the future, forge it–as in hammer it into the likeness you wish to experience given the tools you have to work with. Despite being in a state of shock due to the temporary loss of control, it’s important to go with the flow; you really have no other choice. A major transformation is unfolding that leads to your awakening. The situation is best described through the lyrics of the classic Beatles song–“There will be an answer, let it be, let it be.”

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(Deck:  The Good Tarot|Colette Baron-Reid|Hay House, Inc.)

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