Daily Tarot: Fool

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” Seneca

Important decisions are waiting to be made about fresh possibilities and new opportunities. It’s time for a radical change that opens the doorway to a new phase of life albeit risky. For some, this centers around the literal newness of a baby or the innocence of a child. You may be learning new skills or making adjustments because of inexperience. Perhaps you are on a quest to live out a dream or take an important trip. Whatever your mission, expansion is a fundamental part of the goal. This may call for ingenuity on your part in coming up with solutions or dealing with unexpected circumstances. Faith in self will fuel your willingness to put yourself out there in an introduction to the world.  Keep in mind that both Mercury and Mars are retrograde, therefore, this is the time to work on new plans and ideas while you wait to set them in motion when those planets go direct at the end of August. In the meantime, make a list of planned introductions and connections you’d like to make when the moment is right.

There’s a difference between spontaneity and recklessness. A practical strategy is a key to your advancement. You’ll need to practice common sense in the choices you make and evaluate whether a venture, idea or relationship is worthy of the effort or just a waste of energy. You could be over-optimistic and give too much credence to a situation lacking both foresight and commitment. Much ado about nothing could end in the realization that ideas don’t always lead to the success you envisioned.

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Love tarot video for August are available at https://vimeo.com/ondemand/findinglove

(Deck: The Good Tarot|Colette Baron-Reid|Hay House, Inc.)

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