Daily Tarot: The Magician

“The vision must be followed by the venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps–we must step up the stairs.” Vince Havner

You are the magician and you know that to create magic, you have to take the initiative. And why wouldn’t you with all the mojo, magnetism, and moxie you’re carrying in your little bag of tricks? You are now the “ultimate manifester” with everything at your disposal necessary to achieve the desired goal–talent, skill, expertise. And if you’re not inherently adroit in some area, you’re either working toward gaining mastery or connecting with someone who possesses the knowledge you need. This could take the form of a doctor, marketer, technician, or specialist in some field. In the most mundane of circumstance, this role is played by an important male figure–son, brother, father, boyfriend, partner who takes on greater significance today. With so much potential crackling in the atmosphere, you may just expect your good fortune to poof and disappear!

Indeed, someone may pull a disappearing act. You’ll recognize this trickster peddling snake oil to the crowd and feigning competence he doesn’t possess. He’s just a little too good at looking out for number one. He’s the liar, con man or opportunist in your life. Cut him in half and keep moving.

(Tarot Deck:  The Good Tarot|Colette Baron-Reid|Hay House Inc.)

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