Love Notes: Week Nov 17-24, 2023

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs for an expanded perspective.

All broken relationships can be traced back to broken agreements.

Stephen Covey

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: Louis XIV recommended that, “in every treaty, insert a clause which can easily be violated, so that the entire agreement can be broken in case the interests of the State make it expedient to do so.” While true he reigned for 72 years, upon his deathbed this king realized that a foreign policy that rested entirely on waging war was perhaps “the ruin of the peoples.” Likewise, situations place you at a crossroads to review issues of cooperation, domination, and control and the use of personal power whether to manage finances, form an alliance, negotiate a deal or pursue a vision. Spirit lights the way for you to align with the Universe to bring you what you need, although it may require trust in the unknown and creative planning for the future. But you won’t meet success without also taking responsibility to make others feel safe in trusting that you’ll follow through with promised action or keep your word. Say what you mean and mean what you say in all agreements great or small or the failure to do so will energetically link you with others who are untrustworthy.


  • Time to stop struggling, acceptance of what is (may mean being alone)
  • Time to stop struggling–checking into retreat (spiritual, physical, learning), rehabilitation, etc.
  • Attainment of peace and solitude–a greater need for solitude rather than engaging with others
  • Recognition of the need to be alone together as a couple
  • Recognition of a destination (possibly featured in book, magazine, media, etc.)
  • Success in the attainment of property or accommodations (may be near the sea)
  • Basking in the glow of a private world you’ve created


  • Luck involved in making an escape or running away
  • Luck in getting time off (from a job, responsibility, etc.)
  • A fortuitous stroke of luck allows something to take off when seeking new horizons (endeavor, relationship, travel plans, etc.)
  • Good fortune that offers greater freedom
  • Starting a journey (may be overseas)
  • A pleasant unexpected encounter or surprise; a lucky opportunity that brings about meeting with person of interest
  • Sudden take off–wish fulfilled


  • Abundant legal issues OR legal issues surrounding abundance; legal fees; choice of attorney
  • Balancing the scales where wealth and prosperity are concerned
  • Gratitude for reaping fruits of efforts
  • Restoring order to equilibrium–may involve connection to nature
  • A shift in scarcity consciousness balances the scales
  • Abundant choices to be made–weighing options
  • Making important decisions that affect the financial picture; contracts
  • Adjustments; shift in responsibilities–determining what’s fair regarding domestic duties, parenting, finances, or assets
  • Abundant negotiations OR negotiations that center on wealth
  • Dual opportunities; choosing between two partners (business, romantic)
  • Dealings with Libra persons (sun, moon, or rising sign)


  • Projecting an air of assurance; giving off the illusion of confidence (you/others)
  • A need to take a closer look–some aspect of self, partner or relationship is illusory and not as it appears on the surface; projections
  • Preference for the illusion–refusal to see the truth (you/others)
  • Involvement in superficial relationships based primarily on looks–need for self-appreciation, love
  • Confidence motivated by excessive preoccupation with appearance–to “appear” happy, successful, financially stable, astute, savvy, knowledgeable–either as a couple or to attract (you/others)
  • Confident because of attractive appearance, image, or presentation; riding high
  • Recognition of the power of image; appearances used for success and recognition


  • Car repair, maintenance; old or vintage car
  • Exploring how to heal, repair, or improve (self, situation, object)
  • Exploring issues of self love; self-reflection; need for self-dialogue and discovery of own inner beauty
  • Moving on from anything “worn out” because of obsession with perfectionism in self
  • Putting self first–may need to focus on loving and appreciating self rather than relationship
  • Investigating methods of healing, treatment, etc.–a need to try something new
  • Traveling for healing (missionary work, emergency response, disaster relief, doctors without borders, humanitarian aid, etc.)
  • Travel for medical or cosmetic purposes
  • Pushing boundaries–may be neglecting health and/or appearance
  • A need to put self first in order to heal


  • False memories related to someone who has passed–someone very different that what is/was presented
  • False display of mourning–presenting false face in relationship
  • Masking the deep level of mourning or feelings concerning death
  • Discovering the falsity of someone who has passed (may feel betrayed)
  • Secret agenda, ulterior motives related to someone/something passing
  • Masking or failing to acknowledge ancestry
  • Falsity revealed through spirit messengers
  • Person acting with pretense to have your best interest at heart (may be related to matters involving a passing)
  • False friend; gossip, liar, opportunist, player, impostor, con


  • Appreciation for the ability to keep a secret (you/other); being discreet is important to circumstance
  • Inability to see the value or appreciation because of inability to read emotions
  • Secrets concerning a gift or show of appreciation
  • Secret gratification; luxury indulgence; contentment, enjoying life
  • Keeping secrets about something of value or level of abundance
  • Abundant secrets; someone is keeping secrets
  • Secretly holding someone in high regard
  • Secretly clutching on to someone/something highly valued or desired
  • Element of relationship is hidden, secretive or clandestine


  • Seduced by the prospect of possible travel, a celebration, a vehicle or someone you know/met connected to any of those
  • Love tryst in a car
  • A need to let your hair down, relax, and have some fun (may involve flirtation); seduction is vital in maintaining passion in relationship
  • Good news concerning someone you find seductively intriguing
  • Playing the role of seducer or seduced opens doors; heavy flirtation
  • Sexual innuendos open the door to temptation; hidden affair; secret or clandestine affair
  • A celebration sets the stage for seduction


  • Waiting in vain for new love
  • An ending allows for a beginning with new love
  • Facing the truth (positive/negative) about meeting a new potential partner (social, business, romantic)
  • In love with a transformation (look, approach, situation, change in relationship, etc.)
  • Changes that come through courtship, beginning stages of relationship
  • Transformation–new love is in the works or on its way
  • New relationship on the immediate horizon (social, business, romantic)


  • A need for clarity–may need to be alone as a couple; seeking solitude to gain clarity
  • Working in solitude to build your fortune
  • Forecast of cloudy weather (figurative/literally)
  • House by the sea costs a fortune; possibilities related to a coastal property or peaceful destination
  • Manifesting with thoughts–a greater need for solitude rather than engaging with others
  • Insight and the connection to living near the water; private world; retreat


  • Illusions surrounding the attainment of something (whether yes/no)
  • Refusal to see the truth–time to stop struggling, acceptance of what is
  • Some aspect of self, partner, or situation is not as it appears on the surface; behavior reflected back
  • In order to attain–a need to take a closer look at illusions or projections
  • Creating the illusion of success (you/others)–may be through physical attractiveness, trappings of wealth, image, presentation, social media, etc.
  • Excessive preoccupation with appearing happy, successful, financially stable, capable, knowledgeable, likable, etc. either as a couple or in order to attract (you/others)
  • Superficial relationship concerned primarily with looks; projecting value or attributes that may/may not be present (you/others)
  • Success at recognizing it’s all just an illusion
  • Recognition of getting something based on looks–appearance matters


  • Wearing a mask to protect against illness OR rejecting wearing a mask
  • Can’t find anything in the refrigerator (too many items); issues that stem from refrigeration
  • Need for healthy balance (may be dealing with colds, flu, illness)
  • Issues of rejection that may connect to race (you/others); colorism
  • Color-blind (literally, figuratively)
  • Masking emotions–lack of emotional warmth or depth in personal connection (you/others)
  • Outer/inner alignment–conditions related to chilly temperature (environment, responses to/from others)
  • Knowing what to “leave outside”–work/life harmony
  • Relationship conflicts characterized by cold wars, silence, aloofness; cooling off of relationship
  • Sexual impotence, frigidity, lack of libido
  • Approach to successfully juggle responsibilities or emotions may be to put feelings on ice
  • Dealing with repressed emotions, loneliness (you/others)

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