Tete-a-Tete|As Good as Gold|Nov 20, 2023

Daily Love & Life Advice – Your Guide to Navigating Relationships

Although you’re particularly discerning in choosing alliances with those who share your same values, you might also be intrigued by the boldness of boss energy. Something about a person or situation is pushing you to consider possibilities that influence your material and emotional growth. Perhaps you’ve been persistently putting a certain message out into the world that’s well-received. As a result, whether financial or romantic, you’re starting to see a return on that investment. The desire for success, security, stability and upward mobility means that money, a date, or some form of opportunity is now on the table.

For most, risk has the potential to pay off. However, those who value money above all else may find that a lack of generosity and behavior patterns of greed, dishonesty or influence peddling brings a stern warning to tread lightly.

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Image: At the Goldsmith’s, Adolphe-Alexandre Lesrel

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