1st Quarter Moon in Capricorn

Changes occur through a move, travel or visits from relatives. Alliances at a distance may be important or involvement with educational or religious activities. Possible focus on legal matters or ceremonies.

October 21, 2023 | 8:29 pm (PST) | Keyword: Comparison

The Moon is zooming through the sign of Capricorn and making quick work of the task at hand in achieving emotional security through the gain of prestige and success. The objective may involve an increase in responsibilities meant to set the stage for future advancement. For some, this will indicate a rise in status or increased recognition. You may work in an area where you become well known in your community. As a result of your efforts, there may be more connections to business people and fluctuations in affiliations. In some cases, new associations at a distance prove to be significant to your circumstance. This is a busy social period of mental stimulation, errands, travel, communication, lots of ideas and changing viewpoints. There may be addition to the family or more than one romantic partner. The activity of this cycle is likely to include persons with strong Gemini in the natal chart (sun, moon, rising sign) and a supporting cast of those with Capricorn highly featured.

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Career is emphasized and the attraction may be toward a legal or political profession. Others are involved in administration of educational, religious, government and medical institutions. In any chosen vocation, the influence highlights those with strong moral and ethical values that flow along traditional lines and persons who usually deal justly with others in their professional and business endeavors.

A burst of stellium energy flowing into the area of this chart signifying work, health and service suggests issues related to the job, changes in schedule or duties and routine tasks that serve the purpose of keeping things running smoothly will require your attention. Conditions can bring a sense of pressure, restriction or situations beset by delays. In fact, flexibility will be called for as unanticipated events occur out of the blue that demand adjustment or interfere with the easy flow of forward movement.

Some of this is a direct result of a renegade Uranus stirring freedom urges that motivate one to be unpredictable or suddenly rebel against any ruts or confinement. With this behavior comes a cautionary reminder surrounding the company you keep and the potentially negative impact of certain associations. You’ll need to be particularly careful about the people you choose as friends. You could relate to what you’d like them to be rather than who they really are leaving you vulnerable to disillusionment or deception. If your attempt is to help those who’re self-destructive, avoid playing the martyr as victim-savior relationships will be disappointing.

Secrecy can cause you a great deal of anxiety because of pre-existing negative fears worsened by concealment. Events take place that are the result of past actions; unconscious compulsions and compulsive behavior. These can be upsets and difficulties involving institutions, the sudden disclosure of hidden things, and sudden acts by person who had not seemed to be working against you. While private matters or thoughts will generally not become public knowledge, they may be revealed at the most inopportune moments or because someone else may wish the truth to be known. Anything you’ve hidden from yourself or others can emerge at this time and demand to be dealt with, but now is the time to clear up old problems so they can be handled once and for all.

In some cases, surprise situations may ultimately work to an advantage and may connect to new ideas, technology, scientific interests, and the innovation of combining old and new. Positively, you may be discovering a talent you’re not yet ready to demonstrate. You may wish to develop your talent further before subjecting yourself to outside criticism.

Nevertheless, with interception occurring, you’ll need to work through blockages that may arrive courtesy of those with significant Taurus and Scorpio placements. Despite the delay, the ruler of the chart in anaretic degree indicates the end of a cycle that requires you to tie up loose ends and may signify a pressing legal issue or divorce. Part of the dilemma is starting things and failing to follow through resulting in potential problems with work, relations with co-workers and subordinates, services that you provide, and health as well as self-sabotage.

Problems may be alleviated by those with important Cancer and/or Capricorn placements. The challenge is coping with concrete daily reality and important chores while still honoring idealism and visionary inspiration. The focus is on efficiency, organization, managing your life and the responsibilities and duties this will entail, and you may be required to develop a high level of skill in your chosen field. Events will test your ability to be of effective service to others while also valuing and enjoying what you have to offer. The initiation is the ability to give freely of a specific skill without being at the mercy of other’s demands.

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Mars is fueling the inclination to get things done in order to achieve maximum efficiency. Self-motivated, you can work with a limited amount of supervision to complete projects without prompting. In fact, you probably do best when working alone or when you can be your own boss. But desire for independence can make you easily angered or frustrated by working conditions that lead to conflicts with superiors or difficulty in your work situation. Fated conditions provoke aggression and the lesson is in using diplomacy to overcome the obstacle or your own assertiveness to get what you want. It’s better to focus your energy on improving conditions rather than complaining.

Serious problems may occur if you refuse to take any responsibility for your career or problems on the job. Circumstances demand the courage to tackle powerful issues that lead to a complete transformation, and this wouldn’t be a time for unethical conduct or shortcuts. You must accept responsibilities or life may well become a series of setbacks. To do so, you must reassess where you are and where you’re headed professionally to take any corrective steps necessary. However, the focus on your professional affairs should not overshadow any issues in your personal life as these could be come a source of problems as well that could negate any success you enjoy.

Adding to the difficulty, the sovereign power of the chart ruler is combust under a Sun (already in fall) linked to the feminist rogue, asteroid Lilith. If your relationship is headed south, this may be a contributing factor as it sheds light on an imprint left by the father and his ugly view of women manifested through criticism, disparaging remarks, and rejection. This rejection/domination pattern may lead to being particularly defensive or feeling rejected as a whole person. Other demonstrations of its effect may be hyper-sensitivity to gender and stereotype roles that play out through exchanges with the father or other males. It may give rise to a strongly competitive individual who constantly gauges him/herself against the achievements of others.

Unfortunately, it also prompts the excessive need for loyalty and “specialness” that is likely withheld, possibly through conflicts involving career, values, authority figures, or finances. With the Moon tied in with Pluto, the emotions become deeply intense and there is extreme expression of feeling. Women that come into the life are likely to be highly emotional and overly sensitive. On the other hand, Pluto is a symbol of power and control and you could experience a dictatorial influence through the mother or women in general. There’s an inner sense that a female is trying to control you or change something of a personal habit or style of dress. The stubborn adherence to one’s beliefs can cause upsets in the environment or in domestic relationships. Issues may be with mother or mothering, groups of women, or stress on the emotional bonds that bind lovers/family together.

But the Moon/Pluto duo is also highly intuitive and could bring experiences with those who have crossed over or due to enhanced psychic gifts. For some who work with the general public, there’s the ability to sway the masses with a powerful influence through contacts. Intense emotions may bring a response to help those in need.

The events of this cycle also link to mental health, and for many of you, pain is experienced in groups. Your friends may include wounded people, healers and teachers. If your own sense of being has been violated, you may fear asserting yourself or attempt to over-compensate by being the first at everything. Emotional problems and anxieties can worsen creating the need for therapeutic support in order to cope. The star, Zosma is intertwined with Venus which may underscore the need to address depression or difficulty with self esteem. This also illuminates concerns for those who feel alienated from society, issues of racism, and groups that suffer because of their race or creed underscoring the need for strong leadership through a person who wants to make life better for all. You may become a pioneer in a way which will be of service to humanity.

With regard to physical health, the tendency is to catch colds or need dental work. Digestive problems, a hysterectomy, or surgeries due to infection as well as elective procedures are possible. A second opinion may be important because you can receive the wrong diagnosis. You can also tax your strength by overworking, especially when faced with deadlines. Illnesses may have a direct correlation to workaholic tendencies and tension on the job. If you’ve developed habits that undermine your health, you may need to reassess your practices and control your behavior. This may be in relation to overeating, harmful dieting, consuming foods that cause digestive problems or failing to address minor or chronic health issues. If in good health, issues will tend to be minor and easily corrected. However, serious health problems will be especially noticeable or threatening likely due to excessive and prolonged detrimental habits such as smoking, obesity, drug or alcohol addiction, stress, etc. This is an excellent time to become more physically active through exercise.

You have a desire to create a supportive environment that allows you to feel a sense of sanctuary from the external world. You may spend more time at home alone or entertaining in an intimate setting. To achieve a more comfortable living space, you may decide to decorate or renovate as a reflection of much needed healing and recovery and the desire to heal old wounds.

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It’s very important not to give up and to nurture yourself and your projects. Reward comes from unexpected sources and luck and opportunities come from unexpected directions, but efforts must be made to glean optimum benefits. The good news is if you’ve been hungry, you’ll now be fed as needs and desires are fulfilled. The influence indicates the receipt of support from a source precisely attuned to your individual needs. This energy may also herald the arrival of a new baby, the beginning of a fruitful project or the creation of new art or ideas. Positive answers arrive to questions regarding the approach of good fortune, but the energy also encourages acting in a loving and nurturing way. Although benefic, the influence cautions to avoid being smothered in an all-consuming “maternal” atmosphere.

The keyword for this cycle is comparison and may connect to the aforementioned behavior of comparing oneself and accomplishments in the context of others. Alternatively, it may be the comparison between history and the future. This period denotes the conservative and contemplative mind, aspiring, purposeful, and retentive that can mend the broken chains which link the past to the present. With the possible gain of honor and esteem also comes disappointment in the form of injured ideals and the ensuing sadness.

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