Tete-a-Tete| A Dead Situation | Jul 4, 2023

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It’s probably old news you’re just becoming aware of or you’re looking elsewhere while a situation is unfolding behind you. An introspective time out asks you to consider where you’re choosing to remain in a dead situation because of some benefit that’s becoming hard to justify. Maybe you’re in a relationship with a marked difference in financial status that affords a certain lifestyle or your marriage has grown stale to the point that you’re now living separate lives. Perhaps you’re starting to realize the negative effect of alcohol on your connection and your health. Alternatively, you may have issues related to aging, parental concerns, or generational differences that create negative impact. Finding solutions to matters involving dead ends are likely to include some form of confrontation that brings a reality check as well as a decision to do what’s best for you rather than relying on the word of someone else.

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Image: The Lady in Blue (Mr. and Mrs. J.S. MacDonald), Hugh Ramsey

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