Full Moon in Capricorn

July 3, 2023| 4:38 am (PST) | Keyword: Striving

The Moon is moving at full force through the sign of Capricorn stimulating an emotional need for authority and desire for recognition. A conservative approach of caution and deliberation in decision making compels you to rely on instincts that move you toward the driving goal of success. If you’re oriented in the direction of business and commerce, you might become an executive or business manager. The events that unfold during this cycle will include persons with strong Capricorn in the natal chart–sun, moon, or rising sign and a supporting cast that might also involve Gemini persons.

The intent to achieve can be motivated by the sensuous, attraction to creature comforts, and the good things in life. A heightened sense of beauty and refinement leads you to seek possessions of beauty and quality meant to enhance your status and security. But the advice is to be careful of becoming so materialistic to the point of negating human values and the emotional well-being of others. To forget that things are for people and that people shouldn’t be used for things, would be to court the likely probability of unhappiness and failure. With the sole aim of self-preservation, you may reach the point of attainment, but you’ll struggle hard to hold what you acquire.

With the Moon’s influence continuing a theme of significant partnership and a shift in long standing relationships, events might relate to a love adventure where the nature is quickly aroused. Connections either improve or deteriorate based on the level of emotional reciprocity and the acceptance or rejection of disparities in power.

Despite the overwhelming focus on relationship, you’re determined to have the freedom to explore your own interests and this is a good time be assertive in personal matters. The stars are sparking you to pursue freedom and independence in a non-aggressive way while also encouraging the desire to plunge into the unknown or explore the intellectual. You have a great need to express yourself and this is a period where you must fulfill your duty to yourself first. Perhaps you’re recently separated, divorced or newly single, or simply directing your attention to personal development. The quest for self-improvement might include gaining skills, knowledge, and a sense of personal achievement which could entail the beginning of a new career, project, or training for advancement. If not focused on career, you may be considering decisions regarding education, life style, domestic issues, relocation and creative pursuits.

You’re concentrating on your own needs, interests, ideas and opinions, and the self-reliance in thinking means you tend to make decisions independently and without the feedback of others. Less supportive of alliance, a lack of objectivity makes it difficult to compromise or acknowledge the perspective of others. If this is the case, you may be so insistent on choosing to believe what you wish regardless of what others tell you or without reviewing necessary information.

Your social life tends to increase with greater interaction with neighbors, friends and those in your immediate environment and you may meet or socialize with a great many local people. The point is not necessarily to build long-lasting friendships, but rather to acquire new acquaintances. Although you tend to be very opinionated or dogmatic in discussions, conversational exchanges could contribute to refining your ideas as your mental processes are in creative flux and subject to change.

Constructively, you may be using energy in intellectual pursuits through self-study or knowledge you’ve acquired through projects that include reading, writing or studying. You’re enthusiastic about learning and easily grasp central concepts making this is a good time for any vigorous mental work. If you’ve been apprehensive in the past about advancing your education, now would be a good time to do so. In fact, you may find it easier to work longer than usual at intellectual tasks. You’re skilled with language or ideas and may be discovering a talent you’re not yet ready to demonstrate until further development before subjecting yourself to outside criticism.

You could be drawn to work in large communications projects or business ventures. On the other hand, you may be a gifted healer and a teacher. Your voice of experience gives you empathy with others and the talent for seeing the beauty in your loved ones and helping them heal their psychological wounds and realize their full potential.

All forms of communication, both verbal and written, are emphasized. This may be to support the objectives of the ruthless entrepreneur as well to showcase the talents of a gifted and persuasive orator. Personally, the manner in which you express yourself will be very important in activities. A grand fire trine is energizing the houses of communication, groups, and partnership which inspires you to initiate, create movement, and realize goals in these areas. Perhaps you’re involved in negotiations or contract discussions. Negotiating skills are paramount and the ability to make your point quickly, easily and clearly can give you an advantage when mediating a dispute or bargaining for what you want.

However, publications or the words of a person can have far-reaching repercussions. The highlight is on the insightful and brilliant, but also those with blind or angry obsessions. Both in and out of conflict you tend to overstate your position creating pointless arguments. Negotiations can be characterized with a “take no prisoners” attitude, and if you have a tendency to lose your temper, defiance in the refusal to compromise can prolong conflict. Aggressive speech can lead to arguments, especially if you’re angry over past events or presently involved in a dispute. You may jump to conclusions and respond without thinking, especially when angry or responding through unconscious motivation.

On the other hand, if you’re involved in a situation where you must defend yourself, you’re verbally prepared to meet your opponent, but you’ll have to determine those times when diplomacy will be the best course of action.

If you’re not actively engaged productively, you’re likely to experience nervousness or depression. Impulsiveness can cause you to waste energy by jumping from issue to issue without delving deeply enough to absorb anything of value or find resolution. The tendency is to scratch the surface and not follow through or scatter your energies by skimming superficially.

Alternatively, discrepancies between what you’re told and what you know can contribute to anxiety. Likewise, your thoughts will be at odds with your outward demeanor, causing others to be unaware as to what’s really going on inside you. Secrecy may cause you a great deal of anxiety because of pre-existing negative fears worsened by concealment. You may fear disapproval and feel the need to be guarded or because you’re involved in a situation very different from what’s normally expected of you. If you cannot express yourself openly, you’ll do so secretively.

Unfortunately, while private matters, internal choices or thoughts will generally not be known publicly, they may be revealed at the most inopportune moments or because someone else may wish the truth to be known. Difficult situations may involve first-time or initial sexual experiences, sexual preferences, affairs, birth control practices or abortions. For some, this will include issues related to sexual behavior through the profession or work place or in the role as a parent or authority. In other instances, it might be professional demands that interfere with sexual fulfillment.

Anything you’ve hidden from yourself or others can emerge at this time and demand to be dealt with. Now is the time to clear up old problems so they can be handled once and for all. You also need to find positive outlets that allow you to manage the weight of serious situations.

The velocity of the Moon places emphasis on speed, but the influence is also one of escape. To those ends, you may soon receive a message or the answer to an inquiry. It may indicate you’re escaping from an undesirable situation or recovering from illness. The message is to act quickly in order to escape because you’re in need of liberation from an intolerable situation. Upon reflection you may realize complacency that grants permission for putting up with all sorts of pressures rather than making necessary changes. Circumstances could provoke the loss of a job or some other event that shakes up the energy of change, but the end result is the gain of freedom.

The keyword for this cycle is striving which suggests conditions for which you’ll make great effort in trying to achieve, accomplish, or obtain something, and the endeavor may very well require a struggle or that you fight vigorously for the desired outcome.

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