New Moon in Gemini

June 17, 2023| 9:36 pm (PST) | Keyword: Surrender

The Moon is slowly moving through the sign of Gemini bringing to life vivid expression and changes in your associations. A variety of interests and shifts in mood mark this as a period of ups and downs due to the emotional need for mental stimulation. New beginnings emphasize those who are mentally quick and concerned with initiating new ideas or utilizing resources that are old, discarded or ignored. Those skilled as leaders or initiators of group activities step forward with some becoming important intellectual pioneers. Events will place those with strong Gemini placements in the natal chart (sun, moon, or rising) at the center of situations.

During this cycle, you make your own luck and are likely to find your happiness and success through hard work, determination, and achievement of goals with emotional considerations falling secondary to immediate necessities. Long term security can motivate activity, and especially so if self-esteem is strongly defined by money and material possessions. Where there are issues of low self-worth, you may place yourself in a situation where you’re undervalued or unappreciated, or emotions that result from deprivation may compel you to reassess your value.

Decisions you make can also lead to fiscal insecurity. The tendency may be to be very free with money without a strict savings program. Your money can be depleted unnoticed or through helping others when you sacrifice your own financial security to assist those in need. A lack of concern may or may not be to your advantage, and if the present absence of financial accountability limits your progress or threatens your security, it’s time to explore more structured options.

On the other hand, moral convictions may factor into a choice to stay in a low-paying job or difficult situation, particularly if work is tied to humanitarian interests or a cause you identify with. Perhaps you’re working on a long-term project that yields little, if any, monetary reward in the present. You may be opening a new business or pushing a product or service for which the demand and success of has yet to be realized resulting in a certain degree of uncertainty.

While change and possible opportunity can be expected in career, restrictions and heavy responsibilities also underscore the need to tend to personal affairs. Work changes are likely to be minor but these necessary adjustments may not always fall within your control or be beneficial. This can include daily routine changes that are complicated and stressful rather than major career transitions.

Saturn is stationing in this moon chart’s house of values and income about to turn retrograde, but while the subsequent regress can create delays, obstacles, and burdens, the structures built with faulty protocol or on less than solid foundation are meant to collapse. Positively, this Saturn also trines the Part of Luck and provides the chance to reassess your commitments, say no, and to renegotiate obligations that are a source of frustration. You’ll be examining what is really important to you and what you really value. Long-term goals and personal satisfaction may be more important than short-term compensation, or you could be saving for a major expense such as a home or car, or living on a restricted budget because of a major purchase.

Aside from a transition in working conditions, there may also be changes in dietary habits or intellectual, emotional, or physical health. Adequately dealing with emotions can be challenging causing you to pretend everything is fine when circumstances reflect otherwise. If you repress your feelings, you may become hypercritical, resentful, or passive-aggressive in the attempt to make others feel guilty.

Alternatively, worry and anxiety can contribute to tension and digestive difficulties. You may begin to realize the negative consequences of behavior on your health or on those of others. This awareness motivates you to make a concerted effort to limit any excessive behavior or indulgence and may include the decision to stop smoking, drinking, using drugs, or participating in detrimental habits.

In fact, health can become a preoccupation that forces you to adjust your daily commitments and reassess priorities. This might be attributed to minor physical changes in response to puberty, pregnancy, breast-feeding, aging, fitness, hormonal imbalance, or weight gain or loss. Your body may be more sensitive to exercise and diet which can prompt you to develop a more health-conscious lifestyle. You’re also encouraged to assess the level of emotional fulfillment and involvements connected to work and relationships that affect your health.

For some, it’s other people’s health that is of concern, particularly a woman close to you. You may need to provide assistance because of illness, or because parents or children are unable to function for other reasons. Various scenarios include surprise pregnancies, motherhood, unemployment, or job relocation that impacts independence.

With regard to intimate relationships, you may feel stimulated to pursue romance and friendship, but Juno is atop the Moon which could bring attractions to partners who need a “mommy” more than a mate. In some cases, the mismatch of emotional levels and exchanges meets with non-reciprocated demands. Emotions and memories may be used as a mechanism to get even or outdo the partner within the relationship. An imbalance can express as needs, demands for nurturance, or emotions that keep the relationship perpetually off kilter. You may not trust others with your feelings due to fears that your expectations will not be met, or friends, family and lovers may see you as emotionally unreliable and unpredictable.

If you find yourself trying to control everyone and everything around you, recognize it as an attempt to avoid your own issues. You’ll need to make conscious rather than reactionary decisions. As you work towards personal transformation, you’ll gain greater control over the ways in which you project your personality to others, which will, in turn, make your relationships more rewarding. You’ll need to first overcome unresolved psychological issues, conflicts or current personality patterns that have continually blocked your success and examine the factors that hold you back from maximum potential.

In order to gain insight into past patterns of inappropriate responses to difficult situations, you may face a repeat of a crisis in order to successfully undo the complex. A past trauma may be reactivated by a present day situation. Those involved will undoubtedly know your trigger points and may set them off in order to gain power over you. You’ll need to master your own psychological make-up to deal with self-defeating behaviors and free yourself from bondage to others.

Additionally, you can experience unsettled home conditions including changes in your relationship to family members. You may distance yourself from those you live with, or tension and disagreements can result in ties with the past being broken. There may be a sudden disruptive change in your home environment, a complete change of residence, or changes in the number of persons you live with. If not moving, you may decide to make major renovations or rearrange your home, and the possibility for upsetting or surprising circumstances surrounding repairs can arise. Perhaps you’re restless and spending very little time at home, traveling, or living with others while feeling a sense of rootlessness.

The impulse can be to give way to worry, anxiety, and gloom without any real cause, for the solution is always at hand and generally within self. You have the ability to repair, mend, improve or reform situations, and the current influence signifies success, particularly in business and trade. It’s possible you’ll receive a gift or money owed to you, and abundance and wealth arrives through answered prayers and successful endeavors. However, you’ll need to either ask for assistance before receiving it or respond with generosity to the requests and petitions of others. The advice is to pray only for positive results, while resisting influences of envy or ill wishes toward anyone.

The keyword for this cycle is surrender which can suggest releasing matters to a power higher than yourself or coming to terms with a circumstance in which you have little control. Perhaps you cease to resist the inevitable or stop fighting in matters where you can’t win or succeed. The positive is a change of direction that encourages you to go with the flow of energy that leads to possibilities supported by the Universe far beyond what you might have imagined.

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