Pluto Retrogrades to Capricorn

When Pluto begins to regress, it drives anxieties to the surface surrounding power, control, repressed emotions, and projections that manifest through confrontation. Situations cause you to assess recurring patterns that make you feel out of control, compel you to give your power away, or cause you to act so defensively that you elicit attack. The point is to gain greater control over your life. If you’d like to review the conditions that gave rise to this retrograde when Pluto first entered the pre-shadow period before going retrograde in May, read here.

Pluto reenters the sign of Capricorn emphasizing material resources, money, the way you deal with power, desire for status, and response to security issues. The focus may be on career which may or may not involve a change in profession or employment. You feel tremendous drive toward success that can enable you to make career moves which propel you to a higher professional bracket. But in the quest to achieve, you may develop an obsession that leads to workaholic tendencies, and the long hours can take a toll on your health. In some cases, change includes a loss of job or a gain in power and authority through a promotion. If self-employed, you may be reassessing practices in the decision to expand, streamline, or shut down.

Information, plans, young people, or transport are represented by Mercury in the house of values, personal income, possessions, and self worth presided over by Algol. This can highlight the gifts of the passionate, intense writer or communicator. More mundanely, the trine with Pluto may represent money owed that comes to you from overdue accounts, beneficial help from behind the scenes, or a gift from an older person, parent, or authority figure. This Mercury sits in the Pleiades and can signify abundance, but also a connection to sorrow.

Those who are cautious and generally fortunate, may nevertheless be subjected to sudden attacks on name and possessions. The advice is to avoid law and legal tribunals, and to fix agreements by writing in order prevent future disputes. Negatively, you may be involved in detrimental exploitation of position and authority where power struggles may block your success or disrupt normal business. Situations may require you to exercise the power of your will against that of another. This might involve conflicts with authority figures including bosses, government officials. or even parents. A high degree of sensitivity means you can be easily influenced, and some events have the possibility to create an emotional shock or upheaval. As Pluto appears to move backwards through the sky, how you handle authority can be as important as how well you follow directions.

Power issues also come into play in other areas of life that may be related to physical force, psychological control, or spiritual power. You’re now faced with the choice to continue in your current pattern of behavior or make a leap of consciousness to go on to greater things. Some will carry heavy burdens, and in some cases, this may be attributed to the death of/or separation from close associates or a family member. The magnitude of decisions will not escape you. Choices and opportunities carry the potential for far-reaching effects and the ability to produce closure and such remarkable change that old situations and relationships transform or completely fall away.

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