Mercury enters Gemini

Mercury moves into its own domicile in the sign of Gemini where the mind is geared toward active and lively correspondence with rulership over the areas of life related to income, values, possessions, and self worth as well as work, duty, health and service. Financial, career, and domestic concerns dominate with a focus on pragmatic relationships with persons in authority. Career, in particular, can be rife with heavy burdens and responsibilities, but also in-laws or close family members at a distance may be subject to financial problems, or a partner may be embroiled in a difficult divorce. For some, situations involve negotiations or contract discussions. This is further validated by asteroid Fiducia sitting retrograde at the mid-heaven bringing into review and making public concerns regarding the management of money and assets belonging to others. Important issues also revolve around blockages or delays related to hidden and investigative matters, police activity, illness, rehabilitation centers, and persons in need of care.

This Mercury brings a love of variety and change that lends itself to versatile thinking, adaptability, and novel experiences. As Gemini is a sign of duality prone to superficiality, there can be a lack of constancy or enough focus required to complete a mission. Right now, you like to get to the point and details can be boring. As a result, the leaning is toward less meaningful exchanges and a tendency to talk a great deal without saying very much.

As Mercury begins its transit, you’re self-reliant and very focused on your own needs, interests, ideas and opinions. Generally, this is a time of blind or angry obsession and combativeness, but caution is advised to keep stubborn willfulness in check. The inclination is to make decisions independently and without feedback or input from others. You may be unyielding and insistent on your beliefs without reviewing necessary information or regardless of what others tell you. To take that approach in support of strong convictions can suggest either actions motivated by righteousness or recklessness. Great mental energy and will combines with an impetuosity which directs to positive or negative results. The impulsiveness may lead to mistakes which incur displeasure and court danger.

In fact, rashness can produce all manner of difficulties with your occupation, money, or those involving legal and religious matters. Pluto, planet of control, is retro in the house of authority and linked to the Part of Discord and opposite the Part of Imprisonment. Travel/transport, documents, and printed materials require special handling to avoid carelessness that comes with a cost, and procrastination and irresponsible actions can create unsettling conditions with authority figures.

Consequentially, the sector of the chart connected to papers, rumors, and information is sitting on the Aries Point bringing matters into the public eye and persons unknown into affairs. Events will create a domino effect that first underscores family/home, property, and the final closure of matters before moving toward a possible delay of fated events that tie to health, routines, habits, duty and service. Subsequent situations involve legalities, foreign influence, those at a distance, career, public awareness, and dealings with authorities followed by more impediments before reaching conclusion about hidden issues that come to light and concerns that tie to large institutions or social systems. The cycle can push to the fore persons who are born leaders or lifelong military officers and generals. (Notice the correlation between the planetary influence and the timing of the indictment against Trump, who is, by the way, a Gemini.)

Your mental processes are in creative flux and ideas are prone to change. This period can mark time spent concentrating on intellectual pursuits through self-study or realizing concepts acquired through projects involving reading, writing or studying. Although you tend to be very opinionated or dogmatic in discussions, these conversational exchanges could contribute to refining your ideas. While the possibility exists to be insightful and brilliant, you could also be grappling with the darker side of human nature or situations that highlight the ruthless entrepreneur or persuasive orator.

If not actively engaged in productive pursuits, you may experience nervousness or depression. Wasted energy becomes the result of jumping from issue to issue, interest to interest, without delving deeply enough to grasp true wisdom. Additionally, you shouldn’t permit others to make impositions that prove costly. In other instances, problematic exchanges with others and the discrepancies between what you’re told and what you know may cause you anxiety. During this cycle, you’ll need to find positive outlets that allow you to escape the seriousness of situations.

Image: Mercury and Jupiter, Johann Carl Loth

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