Love Notes: Week Jun 9-16, 2023

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs for an expanded perspective. Read your June Astro-Tarotscope here.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: You could be drawn by the lure of memories you’ve attached to the perception of a better time and place, but there’s little incentive to return to a “golden age” when you have the ability to create a beautiful reality in the present. In fact, real healing may begin if you stop kindling the emotions of the past, and begin to count your blessings in recognition of how far you’ve come. Depending on your approach to life, you’re either strengthening the channel of support and assistance from Higher Source or weakening it. Focus on the beauty of nature that surrounds you, organic food, uplifting music, and getting lost in creativity. As life comes into balance and true alignment with Spirit, support will flow to you from every area of life and the avenues and opportunities you thought were closed will start to open as the seeds of karma you’ve planted bear fruit.


  • Inability to find the light–running after illusions
  • Clarity about whether you or others are receptive to a situation
  • Shedding light on why luck seems just out of reach (for you/others)
  • The truth about blockages–something about your interactions brings important issues to light
  • Coming to a clear understanding about being open to opportunity
  • Open to opportunity–gaining greater truth or clarity in this relationship
  • Light bulb moment as a result of listening to your intuition
  • Eyeing your luck–hidden revealed
  • Going in a new direction after gaining clarity; clarity concerning how to move in a new direction


  • Starting a journey–(may be to visit different residence or second home)
  • Leaving home–taking off; running away from home
  • Taking off from work to address home or property matters
  • Freedom from domestic responsibilities
  • New horizons–may be purchasing a home, new property, setting up house, redecorating, moving, or moving in together
  • Matters pertaining to domestic affairs take off (positive)–experiencing domestic bliss; happy home situations


  • Disappointed with the looks of something
  • A need to recognize inner beauty, splendor
  • Pampering yourself to deal with a broken heart or disappointment; luxuriating as a form of healing
  • Grappling with pain because of loss, betrayal, separation or break up of relationship
  • Reveling in a situation after dealing with heart break


  • Being unrealistic in the past or about the past
  • Dreams related to a past life (literal, figurative); lucid dreaming, astral travel; dreaming of someone from the past
  • Traveling back in time or to location or circumstance related to the past
  • Unsettled circumstances–past conditioning affects your relationship
  • Dream guidance to address the past
  • Agreement with someone from a past life OR to continue the love from a past life in this incarnation
  • Aspirations that tie to something from a long time ago; unfinished business
  • May be dealing with an ex or old lover from the past


  • Grief about trying to move forward; focusing on the pain
  • Grief about coming up with a plan–aimlessness, need for orientation; grief affects motivation
  • Unhappiness because of loss, disappointment or rejection; sadness due to betrayal, separation, or death
  • Moving on from grief–focused on one step at a time
  • Seeking/giving direction to deal with grief
  • Creating/following a plan after experiencing grief; motivated or driven to succeed to overcome grief


  • Summer break or graduation from school; freedom to choose college of choice
  • History of getting high
  • Letting go of a large estate, apartment, or historic property
  • Freeing self from the conservative or traditional; a need to let go and move on from a history
  • Feeling as if you can do anything–rebelling against the powers that be, heady with power; strong arm of government, institutions, or powerful individuals feeling as if they can do anything
  • Breaking out of the routine–doing the unexpected, breaking with rank
  • Bucking the system in consideration of staying within the perceived elevated social status or circle when dating, socializing, or marrying; freedom from an arranged marriage
  • History, government, or institutions and the effect on freedom; freedom as a result of power or privilege; freedom gained through powerful individuals
  • Freedom–you/partner may come from family with a great deal of wealth, power, or influence; old money; generational wealth–inheritance, investments, assets, royalties
  • Exhilaration bolstered by values or power of institutions; tremendous legacy


  • Issues related to wearing a mask (figurative, literal)
  • Leadership; a need to take charge of situation riddled with lies, gossip, or false speculation
  • Using deception as a means for self empowerment (you/others)
  • False friend, gossip, liar, opportunist, player, con, impostor (you/others)
  • Veiled attempts–person acting in pretense to have your best interest at heart; presenting a false face in relationship
  • Someone very different from the attractive presentation
  • Empowerment motivated by secret agenda, ulterior motive (you/others)
  • Harnessing personal power–empowerment over the lies or falsity of others
  • Manifesting plans/dreams behind the scenes


  • The key to giving/receiving appreciation
  • Solution to holding on to valuables (yours/others)
  • The key to enjoying life; contentment
  • Appreciation of you/other for providing the answer or solution
  • Gratification–finding a solution to get what you want (may be valued object or relationship)
  • Holding on to a key (literal, figurative)
  • Abundant clues in a situation–unlocking a secret, mystery, or enigma
  • Discovering a clue about or that leads to abundance; finding the answer
  • Clutching onto something (object, person, situation, etc)–an opportunity or someone’s heart that was formerly closed may suddenly open for you
  • A solution to a difficulty or challenge is imminent


  • Wisdom earned through karmic situations–you’re with each other to learn karmic lesson, pay a karmic debt, or to evolve spiritually through experience orchestrated by the Universe; awareness of karma
  • Opening to higher self–connection to Source
  • Knowledge or truth of connection that has lasted through many incarnations; karmic relationship or soul mate situation
  • Seeking inner peace to transcend karma; need for spiritual guidance
  • Divine intervention; providence plays a role


  • Solutions that involve connection to nature
  • Abundant solutions; the key is gratitude–a shift in scarcity consciousness
  • Solutions that provide abundance
  • Gratitude for the key (literal, figurative)
  • Discovering a clue; finding the answer that leads to prosperity; unlocking a secret, mystery, or enigma
  • Reaping the fruit of efforts–an opportunity or someone’s heart that was formerly closed may suddenly open for you
  • A solution to a difficulty or challenge is imminent


  • Time to stop struggling and accept what is concerning the future or travel plans
  • Recognition that relationship is in the distant future
  • Having to get on the road or travel to attain what you want/need; successful trip
  • Recognition of the road ahead of you; recognition of someone on the road or while traveling
  • Attainment in the future–long range goals; attainment of the future you desire
  • Basking in the glow–sunny conditions while traveling
  • Planning a future together
  • Looking ahead at success; planning for success; in it for the stretch–recognition and success at the end of the road


  • Surprise related to billing, invoice, paperwork, documents
  • Unexpected news related to trading favors (sex, money, power, influence, etc)
  • A need to open to new possibilities based on information
  • Shocked by the competition, tit-for-tat behavior, criticism, mental record of wrongs; having to pay high price for relationship, red flags, negative comparisons
  • Unexpected encounter–competition for love and affection (you/other); blast from the past
  • Surprised by the score (sports team, credit, bonus points, etc)
  • Unexpected news–surprise at winning (may be due to comparison shopping, outbidding rivals, lottery)

Decks: Romantic Love Oracle, Love is a Garden Affirmation Deck, In Color, The Alchemist Astrologer; The Good Tarot, Collette Baron-Reid; Mystical Healing, Inna Segal

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